Mindset – What it Is and Why It Matters

Mindset is everything. It influences your life and your hapieness.

In many systems of thought and cognitive theory, a mindset relates to an individual’s understanding of the world, their place in the universe, and their individual place in that world. A mindset can be viewed as emerging from a person’s world view, phi..

Mindset vs. Intelligence

Is mindset and intelligence the same?

In management theory and psychological approach, a mindset is an unformed set of attitudes, techniques, or ideas held by one or a few individuals or teams of people. A single prevailing mindset can be viewed as stemming from a person’s world view or ph..

Building Self Esteem – Self Compassion is a Key Ingredient

What is self esteem? Self esteem is the psychological assessment of a person’s worthiness or level of worth. Self esteem encompasses various psychological states, including self-image, beliefs about oneself and others, and personal attributes, such as ..

Self Esteem – Developing Healthy Self-Image and Self Care

Self esteem is the individual’s internal judgment of their own value. It is the sum total of all one’s own beliefs about themselves including their strengths and weaknesses, abilities and failures, and future expectations. Self esteem encompasses vario..

How to Improve Your Self Confidence

People’s view on self confidence varies greatly. Some people are very confident and know exactly what they are doing. They have a strong belief in themselves and are not afraid to make mistakes, take risks, and take chances. Others are quite passive an..

The Three Basic Qualities of Mindset

Mindset is everything. It It influences what you achieve and what is the level of your happiness.

In management theory and decision science, a mindset is simply a set of beliefs, approaches, or assumptions held by one or more individuals or teams of people. A mindset may also be defined as the prevailing world view or philosophical perspective of l..

Building Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an internal state of feeling confident that a particular chosen course of action or belief is right or that some chosen outcome is actually the most efficient or right. It has to do with a person’s perception and evaluation of himsel..