Hi!  I’m Karin.

Corpo women by day, feminist with a mission by night.

I am 40+, I am working and always have been working in the quite masculine industry. Quite quickly, I recognized that there is quite a big difference in perception and behavior in the workplace between men and women. It has a background in the way our society works and has worked for hundreds of years: women are raised to be kind, men to be brave. We live in a patriarchal society, this society has conditioned us to behave and think in certain ways.

What can I do to be as confident as men are?

I asked myself what if I could be more like the best parts of both? What if we could have the qualities of both? I started to observe and realized that we (women) can learn a lot from our male colleagues. I started to copy some of the behaviors and way of thinking –  it helped me A LOT to improve my self-esteem and self-confidence. I decided to share my journey & learnings about changing mindset and gaining confidence with other women.

My private project on how to be better at being women – by learning from men has started 🙂

10 things I learned from men that made my life a little bit easier (and you can learn them too!)

  1. Never think bad about yourself
  2. Do not overthink
  3. Do not analyze more than is needed
  4. Be brave, not kind
  5. Ask if you want something
  6. You do not have to prove anything
  7. Re-create yourself
  8. Nobody cares about you
  9. Act. Even if you are not 100% sure. (In other words: simply DO IT)
  10. Think about end result

On this blog, I am sharing my journey & learnings about changing mindset and gaining confidence. The world needs confident and strong women. As men and women, we need to occupy our space as Kings and Queens. There is enough space for many Queens. And remember – the Queen is in all of us! 👑