Are You Guilty of Creating Self-Invasive Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs can stop you from reaching your full potential in life. They are essentially limiting beliefs that you hold to be true. They are usually the result of being nurtured and taken for granted as being true. Sadly, they often remain unchallenged and untreated, taking their toll on your life.

Limiting beliefs typically are false beliefs. They stem from an unconscious desire to survive with someone else and to stay “safe”. By becoming a part of the problem, they remain unchallenged and untreated. On a personal and professional basis, limiting beliefs will prevent you from growing and reaching your full potential. By freeing yourself from these false beliefs, you empower yourself to take control of your mind and your life.

To empower yourself and to begin to free yourself from your self-limiting beliefs, you need to learn to become mindful of your thoughts. By becoming mindful of your thoughts, you can begin to realize that those thoughts that keep you from achieving your full potential are not real. Thoughts are only thoughts. No one makes you feel guilty for limiting your thoughts! Only you believe those thoughts to be real because they feed off of your emotions – your thoughts!

It is important to recognize that any belief you may hold to be true is just that: a belief. In other words, it is merely a hunch you have created in your mind to direct your behavior. If those limiting beliefs were truly true, everyone would be living a lifetime of abundance and happiness. This simply is not the case. The reality is that your emotions feed off of what you think, and if you are harboring unconscious beliefs like the false belief that “all is not good” or that “money is the root of all evil”, then your life is limited by these false beliefs.

The next step to empowering yourself is to replace those limiting beliefs with a new core belief: “I am good, I am beautiful, I am loving”. This new core belief will replace the false “all is bad” and “money is the root of all evil” belief with the new empowering belief that “All is wonderful, I love myself and others” – then it becomes easier to change your behavior. You simply choose to act in accordance with this new core belief instead of the old false belief. With this change, you free yourself from your life-long prison of false beliefs.

Now, once you have replaced those limiting beliefs, as you were in the past, with the empowering core belief that “I am beautiful”, “I am loving”, “I am loving myself”, and finally as “All is wonderful”, you need to learn how to forgive yourself and others when you are in a behavior mistake or when you make a wrong decision. People please notice that this process does not require forgiveness, because in any situation, whether right or wrong, when we commit a behavior mistake or when we make an incorrect decision, we should immediately forgive ourselves and others so that we do not continue to harm others with our behavior. There is nothing more harmful than thinking or feeling angry about something that we have no control over. And there is nothing more harmful than trying to punish yourself, or someone else, for the outcome of your actions or your emotions.

So the next time you have your feelings hurt or you feel bad about yourself for anything, the best thing to do is to choose to forgive yourself and everyone else involved with the action or reaction. Replace those limiting beliefs with the empowering belief, “I am beautiful”, “I am loving”, and finally “All is wonderful”. As your belief becomes stronger, it will be difficult to make mistakes that hurt – because you won’t be holding yourself back. People please take notice of this simple process, because if you practice this often, you will begin to create a new habit of changing those negative beliefs into empowering ones.

Also please keep in mind that all people deserve love, respect, and kindness. We should treat each other with kindness, even when we are hurting. And we should be able to teach kindness to others, because it’s contagious. You see false beliefs can actually cut away the opportunities for progress, happiness, and success. Please consider this in 2021.