Building Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an internal state of feeling confident that a particular chosen course of action or belief is right or that some chosen outcome is actually the most efficient or right. It has to do with a person’s perception and evaluation of himself. Such a person may be able to rely on his own ability to cope up with whatever comes in. On the other hand, there are also those who lack self-confidence. These people have a very hard time trusting in themselves and often end up doing what is right only for them, regardless of the consequences.

People with high self confidence have a clear vision of their goals. They see beyond the horizon that allows them to gain a clear perspective of what they want to achieve. Their self-confidence is reflected in their achievements and their accomplishments. Those who lack self-confidence tend to focus on their failures rather than the successes that they have had.

The ability to build self-confidence is something that takes time to develop. A person must first accept the fact that he may fail at a task or a project. Once this realization is accepted, the subsequent step is to evaluate how well he is doing on this endeavour. If something is still lacking, then one must work on these areas again. Dedication and perseverance are the requisites for success.

Self confidence also entails having a certain level of control over oneself and over the situation. Some people lack self-confidence because they lack a certain amount of control over what they do or what they intend to do. This is usually due to too much complacency and laziness. Too much complacency is caused by dwelling on past failures and this causes a person to have unrealistic expectations about what he wants to achieve in life.

Self confidence also requires a certain amount of humility. A person with too much self confidence thinks that he is better than everyone else and this usually leads to arrogance and hubristic tendencies. People who lack self-confidence usually do not believe that they are capable of doing things better than anyone else. They think that even if they do not get the result that they want, at least they will have succeeded in achieving the aim that they had. Determination is necessary for success as well as humility.

Self confidence also helps build a strong immune system. Individuals who are confident are able to face and deal with sicknesses and diseases easily. Confidence also prevents depression and other emotional disturbances. It encourages one to persevere and achieve his goals.