Female Archetypes – What They Can Offer You

The Female Archetypes are the basis of all spiritual systems. They are the source of all meaning and purpose in the universe. Each one of us possesses many of these archetypes. However, we can consciously use them to bring greater wellness into our lives.

Most of us are familiar with some of these archetypes. They include Mother, Child, Goddess, Virgin, Goddess, Wise Woman, Rogue, Rider, Sage, Queen, Empress, Emperor, Hierophant, Shaman, Astrologer, Fairy, Folklorist, and witch. Some of these archetypes have particular traits shared by a majority of us. For example, Mother has the characteristic of offering unconditional love and acceptance to her children. She is considered the embodiment of motherly love, because she is the perfect mother figure. All that which is desired by a mother is for her child to be whole and strong.

The Child archetype represents youthfulness and inexperience. This idea is generally associated with the feminine qualities of purity and child-like inquisitiveness. In general, the Child archetype represents the qualities of motherhood and childhood. In many spiritual systems, the Child archetype represents what the Earth mother has the power to do.

Feminine intelligence and spirituality are considered to be the two most important archetypes. The Fairy archetype reflect youthful exuberance and imagination. It represents a time when the young are in complete control of their emotions and are able to use their imagination freely. The archetype of the Fairies represent life balance and the harmony of nature. This archetype can also represent reincarnation, transformations, and the natural order of things. These are some of the archetypes that can represent a person’s life path.

There are many other archetypes that can represent different aspects of a person’s life. While the majority of these archetypes are associated with women, they can also represent men if the person is strong-minded and determined. It is believed that we all have several archetypes that we were born with and through our life experience, we may experience other archetypes as well.

We need to be balanced and we need to understand that each of us was made in the image of God. We all have different abilities and strengths and this is how we should use our gifts and talents in order to bring glory into our lives and onto our earth. When we seek to use our physical gifts in order to achieve things for ourselves, but do not realize that God’s plan is for us to share His glory and His love through sacrifice, then we become bound up within ourselves and this can prevent us from being free. Letting go of our fears and doubts and stepping into the arena of God’s wisdom can bring true freedom into our lives.

It is essential that we learn to trust in God’s wisdom and the almighty plan of His almighty plan for our life’s journey. This way we will no longer need to put up with any hardships nor do we need to accept failure. If we find ourselves in the arms of a loving and kind Lord, then we will be able to live our life according to His standards and His ways. We need to understand that all good and great things that we want in life must start in our own mind, because only we know where we are going and only we can set the pace for our life’s voyage.

We need to learn to let go of our old beliefs and conceptions and start anew. These are our fairy tales and our archetypes that have been hiding inside us all along and it is time to let go of them. If we need to be helped in coming to terms with our inner self, then we need to take some time out and get rid of the cobwebs that are keeping us stuck. Once we start to trust in the Lord and His powers, everything that He brings His way will come to us without any efforts on our part.