How Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Can Change Your Life

It is easy to convince yourself that limiting beliefs are not important. But they are, and they are causing you much grief. The reason why they are so important is because they prevent you from being able to live your life fully. You keep focusing on the things that you don’t want, but you are doing little to combat them. All of this is having a negative impact on your life.

The question is, what do you do when you encounter these limiting beliefs? You must take action in order to remove them. For instance, if you tell yourself that you can’t be successful at something because you don’t like the way it looks, then change your focus. Instead of thinking about how bad the outcome might be, picture yourself enjoying the way it looks. You will be surprised at how quickly your limiting beliefs will fade away.

When it comes to resisting change, many people will fight it tooth and nail. The more you resist, the harder it will be for you to get out of your comfort zone. If you truly believe that you aren’t good enough, then you are going to have to find a way to prove it. This can be as simple as setting goals that you think are unattainable. As you do this, you will slowly start to attract more success into your life.

It is important to understand that your thoughts create your reality. If you continue to focus on your limiting beliefs, then you are creating your own problems. Focus on the way things look right now instead of how things could look if you changed them. If you can, see your situation from a third person point of view. You will be amazed at how quickly your subconscious mind will begin to believe that change is necessary.

The key to changing a limiting belief is to think about how you respond when you confront something that you don’t like about it. Do you get angry? Do you use humor to try to take the edge off? Or do you turn away from the person and hope for the best? When you are able to identify which response you make, then you can begin to replace that belief with another.

Another technique for shifting your limiting beliefs comes in the form of negation. If a person or situation makes you unhappy, simply say “No.” This immediately kills the thought process that created the original negative thought. Even though they may not understand why you are saying this, they will understand that it’s the end of the interaction and there is nothing more that you are going to talk about. This can work wonders because often once you start negating something, you actually begin to enjoy it!

A great way to break bad beliefs is to start repeating them. Think about the last time you encountered the belief that was holding you back. Can you remember feeling angry, upset, or distressed? Can you remember thinking things to the point that you thought people would see right through you and just tell you “You’re stupid?” Can you remember thinking things that made you feel like something bad was going to happen? Can you recall a time when you had to fight just to get the conversation started?

Now simply substitute each of those thoughts with words that make you feel good and see what happens. Remember how you felt when you first said those words? See how they made you feel? You can do this in front of a mirror if you want and in front of a friend or even in front of a family member or friend.