How Do We Become Self Limiting Beliefs?

There are two major ways in which limiting beliefs affect the self: the conscious and unconscious self. The conscious self can be affected by how we feel about ourselves or what we know about ourselves. We start to believe that we are not good enough, pretty or slim enough or too young or old. We then start to keep trying to improve ourselves and do things to try to improve ourselves. But then we fail. Our self still believes that we are lacking or that something is wrong with us.

The other self, which lives in the subconscious mind, has no control over this belief. It just happens. It is unfortunate that this is how our subconscious mind works. Because we have no choice we have to accept these new beliefs and we must work through them with determination and focus. Here is what happens when you decide to change a limiting belief.

Setting New Self-Limiting Beliefs: Once you have decided to change your self-limiting beliefs, you now need to find new beliefs that oppose those beliefs. As long as the old belief is still attached to your subconscious mind, you will be held back by it. You can’t set yourself free until you remove the old limiting belief.

That’s why setting new limiting beliefs is so important. If you keep repeating to yourself that you are not good enough, pretty enough or slim enough, eventually you are going to believe that you are not good enough for anything. You have to get rid of self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that make you better and smarter. Believing that you aren’t smart enough is holding you back from achieving your goals and happiness.

Self Improvement: Another problem that plagues many people is that they feel that their self is not good enough and they don’t believe that they deserve to achieve more. They believe that they are just “normal” or “average” and they don’t expect to be more successful or happy. The way to unlearn these self-limiting beliefs is to identify them and challenge them on their validity. Start making yourself believe that you are a super hero or that you are the most important person in your world. If your self is believing that you aren’t good enough, how can you expect to accomplish anything? Every time you bring something up in your life that you believe stops you from living it out to the fullest, tell yourself that you are the most important person for this task.

Your Self Desensitizing: Most people get very hung up on the concept of self-limiting beliefs because they feel that if they do not live up to them, there is something wrong with them. In order to change these limiting beliefs you need to keep testing them. Don’t let yourself become stuck in a daily routine of not doing something, that really does not matter to you. This habit of not changing things to keep us comfortable or make us feel good about ourselves is what makes us feel lazy. We want things that are easy and not worth a lot of effort to try to do. By allowing yourself to go after your dreams, goals and accomplishments, you will find that you are more willing to do what it takes to make yourself a better person.