How To Improve Self Limiters

Many limiting beliefs that people hold about themselves are a big problem. If you are in a relationship with a person and he or she tells you these negative self-limiting beliefs, ask yourself, “Does it feel good to be this way about myself?” If you answer yes, then you need to do something about them.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself: The Most Common Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself are: Self-limiting Beliefs About Your Looks: Everyone is attractive. You were born with your flaws. Everyone has good and bad looks. Therefore, you must work at your beauty or you will remain a Victim forever.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Your Worth: It is a common belief that if you have different looks than other people, you might not be worthy. You must work at your value by becoming more valuable to your employer, friends, etc. You must believe that you deserve to be what you are or you will never find success. You must think and feel like a servant of someone else in order to attract success into your life.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Your Body: Some self-limiting beliefs are, “I’m not smart enough to lose weight,” “I’m not good enough to become a doctor,” “I’m not smart enough to start my own business.” These are all excuses. We all know that you don’t deserve to be treated badly. But keep us in your mind by repeating these limiting beliefs as often as possible.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Money: One of the biggest self-limiting beliefs that people hold is that they are never going to find another person who will be happy enough to let them make a success out of their life. You must always remind yourself of your flaws. For example, if you are very lazy, just remember how many times you tell yourself that you will never become a doctor because of your laziness. The truth is that if you become a doctor you will see other people happy with their health. If you want to become a lawyer, you will have many cases to pursue. Your limiting beliefs about money are based on the false idea that you must work for it.

Use Self-focusing Belief Systems: To correct some self-limiting beliefs you need to reframe what you are saying to yourself and what you mean to say. Look at the things that you have done with your time. How many times did you say, I have had a really good experience or a really bad experience? What were you intending to do? This can be a great way to correct any self-limiting beliefs that you have about yourself.