How To Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs And Take Action To Change Them

Limiting beliefs are just limiting beliefs about your true reality. They can be self-sabotaging and quite devastating to your efforts to become successful. You must first understand how they limit your success potential. Only then can you begin to eliminate them. In order for successful actions to have the most positive impact, all limiting beliefs must be as near to the truth as possible.

One type of limiting beliefs are known as unrealistic beliefs. These are usually the result of an immature brain attempting to process too much information at once. The fact is that our brains are amazingly powerful, however they are not capable of dealing with too much information at once. If a person has a very immature brain, they will often have a hard time figuring out which belief is the most likely to be false and which one is the most likely to be true.

An example of an unrealistic belief is “I don’t deserve to be rich.” People with this belief are lagging far behind others in life because their limiting beliefs have convinced them that they are undeserving. This is a belief that can hold you back from achieving all of your goals. It can also prevent you from having a successful romantic relationship. Instead of allowing yourself to experience the good things that life has to offer, you hang around with people who remind you of what you are missing out on.

Of course, there are also many ways that you can develop new limiting beliefs. One effective way is to reflect on all of the good things that you’ve done, both in the past and in the present. Then, as you look back over your lifetime, ask yourself how many people had the same positive attitude as you. This exercise will help you see the similarities between your beliefs and those of other people.

Another method for shifting your beliefs is to tap into your unconscious mind. This part of you is where many of your limiting beliefs originate. If you are aware of your unconscious beliefs, you can consciously work to change them. For instance, if you are holding the belief that you are too passive, you can begin to become more active. If you are believing that success means working hard, you can become more intentional about working hard.

One important step to taking your beliefs seriously is to take action. Once you realize that limiting beliefs are holding you back, it’s often too late to do much. Instead of focusing on whether or not you can accomplish something, start focusing on the potential. Make sure that you don’t set unrealistic expectations about yourself; however, you should also not expect your limitations to prevent you from actually succeeding.

In the book A New Body, Dr. Norman Vincent Peal discusses how the human mind works to create our unique psychological and physical makeup. He refers to this neurological pathways as the invisible force that draws us to success, love, health and happiness. For every limiting belief we hold, we unconsciously create a path through our neurological pathways that lead us down the wrong path. We can change these pathologies by changing our beliefs.

You don’t have to accept limiting beliefs. Instead, you have an opportunity to uncover them and work to dissolve them. Just be aware that as you begin to move beyond the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goals, that you may experience some difficulty along the way. Remember, though, that as long as you recognize your limiting beliefs and take steps to dissolve them, you will ultimately succeed in your endeavors.