How To Remove Limiting Beliefs About Yourself And Change Careers

Limiting beliefs are false ideas, thoughts or opinions that you consider to be true. They usually possess a very negative influence on one’s life and prevent them from progressing on a personal and career level. In many instances, limiting beliefs are simply unconscious thoughts which act as a protection mechanism against higher or potential negative emotions (e.g., fear) by blocking them from emerging and moving forward. By having these thoughts and noteading them as realities, they become rooted in your psyche, where they remain unaddressed and untreated. Consequently, they block the opportunities for personal growth you were meant to experience.

Although you may attempt to consciously deal with your limiting beliefs, they usually rebound and become very hard to cope with. It is important for you to be able to recognize these thoughts and actively work to break out of your limiting beliefs. A good way to do this is to create an attitude that is based on healthy self-care, and also get in the habit of taking care of yourself, by eating well and sleeping well.

When you have these attitudes and behaviors, you will have no trouble dealing with all kinds of negativity, including limiting beliefs. However, if you keep focusing on how bad you feel when you don’t get a chance to do what you want to do, you will find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to progress. You need someone to help you make money to enable you to move ahead in your career, business or in your personal life.

The first step to working through your limiting beliefs is to identify them, so that you can see them for what they really are. To do this, you need to start listing all the things you tell yourself on a regular basis about yourself. Once you have a list, go back through them and determine which statements you tell yourself about yourself to convince yourself that you are not good enough, smart enough, capable of doing this and so forth. Once you have a list of your own, make a note of the belief you used to convince yourself that you were good enough, as well as the belief you used to convince yourself that you aren’t smart enough to take action.

You want to separate the two. If your belief system is that you are not good enough, then you need to replace it with a belief that states you are smart enough to achieve what you want. Then start making a list of all the positive statements that you tell yourself about your family system, your career, your skills, etc. Once you have a complete list, write down every limiting belief that you have about yourself and refer to it when you need to make a decision.

Your second step towards working through your negative self-talk is for you and your family or friends to talk to yourself from a distance. Tell your family or friends what it is that you are talking about when you say these negative statements. Allow them to listen to you, and then tell them what you’ve heard from your inner voice. You can also begin to incorporate new limiting beliefs into your daily self-talk. For instance, if you tell yourself that you are unable to get out of bed, change to the belief that you can get out of bed.

Your third step is to find someone else that you can be open to if you have a limiting belief about yourself. You may want to have somebody do this for you, but if you don’t know anyone, this will help to fill the void. Remember, you need someone to show you that everyone else is wrong, but that you can overcome your own failures in order to reach your goals. If there are specific limiting beliefs that you think might prevent you from reaching your goals, ask a friend to help you see them from an objective standpoint.

You’re almost ready to change careers. Now, let’s take one more step to make your new goal a reality. Once you have consciously eliminated all of your limiting beliefs, make sure that you replace those with beliefs that support your new goal. Don’t just change your belief that it’s not possible for you to be successful in your new field. Replace that belief with a belief that it’s possible for you to succeed – with an attitude and actions that you have decided will help you reach your goal. By using this process, you will find that your limiting beliefs about yourself will be replaced with empowering beliefs that will lead to success in any area that you set your mind to.