How To Remove Self Limiting Beliefs

A very common belief that I hear from clients is that they have these self-limiting beliefs that stop them from achieving their goals and dreams in life. And the ironic thing is that this belief is usually a core belief of their personality, their core belief system. And what’s more it’s usually something that they are quite unaware of.

The biggest self-limiting beliefs are the following: That you are not good enough, that you aren’t pretty or thin or pretty enough. You are not young or old enough or you are not pretty. These are statements that are often said by people when they know that they aren’t good enough, and yet it keeps repeating in their minds.

Another of the self-limiting beliefs is that you can’t do it. Or you won’t be successful. These are statements that are often used to convince themselves to hold on to an idea instead of letting go of it. Often the belief that you can’t do it is that you don’t want to do it. This is usually where the idea of letting go of the belief comes in. However, by holding on to the belief you are actually reinforcing it, and this in turn, makes it even stronger.

To break out of your self limiting beliefs, you must first create a new belief for what you want in life. You must take your time to research the different methods for creating new beliefs so that you can create your own unique set of beliefs. And the best way to do this is through the process of brain training.

Brain training is simply using the power of your mind to trick it into thinking differently. When you start doing this you will find that self-limiting beliefs will start to melt away and you will have transformed yourself. What often happens when you begin this journey is that you will feel like you are going crazy or out of control with your emotions. But this is actually good because it means that your conscious mind is now focused on what you want it to do. It is now working overtime to find the right way to get there.

With new beliefs in place your conscious mind is not going to be able to rely on the old one anymore. It is going to be hard work but in the end you will be surprised at how well it works. The main reason why self-limiting beliefs often get so bad is because people keep using them as a crutch to get by in life. They may believe that they are smart enough to handle whatever comes their way but deep down inside they are really not. So instead of using your self-limiting belief as a crutch, pick yourself up by its horns and begin to fight for the belief that you deserve to have.

You need to take a look at yourself and figure out where your self-limiting beliefs really are. There are probably different ways that you are interpreting events in your life so start with your own emotions and then figure out which beliefs you are comfortable with. Once you figure out which beliefs bother you the most you can get rid of them. It may not be easy at first because your subconscious mind will want to believe differently than what you want to hear so keep giving it new beliefs and soon enough you will get rid of those that are causing you problems.

The next step to removing self limiting beliefs is to pick a date and truly work on your goals for the day. When you are finally happy that you made it to the finish line and got your goal accomplished you can celebrate. Do not let yourself get too excited because you might end up taking a day off and thinking that you did not reach your goal. If you are smart enough you will realize that achieving your goals is not a big deal and is actually the beginning of something wonderful.