How to Reprogram Self Limiting Beliefs

Self limiting beliefs about yourself can hold you back from success. There are a lot of them, you just have to look for the ones that affect your life. Here are a few of them. If you want to know how to stop feeling bad about yourself here are some ways on how to do it:

General Limiting Beliefs About Yourself: All general self limiting beliefs can be replaced with new beliefs that make you more comfortable. You must work hard (maybe too hard) to earn money Poor people are lazy, greedy/unhealthy/ etc. wealthy family never had much money. You need to earn to feel rich, and/or healthy, and/or wealthy.

Change those old self limiting beliefs into new beliefs that make you feel more secure and confident. For example, if you had a belief that you were too small, or dumb, or ugly, or whatever, you can change that belief to “I’m just as good as everybody else and I’m attractive.” By changing that belief to “I’m attractive and capable and I love myself” you just replaced one negative belief with a positive one. Another example: If you had a belief that you were worthless, useless, or less intelligent than other people, you can replace that belief with “I’m a good listener, I’m a good athlete, I’m ambitious, and I’m good in bed.” Changing just one belief can completely transform your life.

Overcoming Emotional Outbursts: You cannot be afraid of having an emotional outburst because it is normal. What’s important is that you learn to control your emotions so you don’t explode. Self limiting beliefs about yourself include; “I am a horrible person,” “I am stupid,” “I am clumsy or fat,” “I am unable to do anything,” “I am not good enough,” and many more. These beliefs are leading you in a tight loop of negativity and therefore must be changed. An easy way to overcome this loop is to identify your overbearing emotion and then replace it with a more empowering emotion such as; “It is easy to make mistakes and I will overcome my fear of making mistakes by stepping outside of myself and focusing on what I am thankful for.”

Become a Better You: The key here is not to stop believing that you are good enough. The belief is actually “You are not good enough and I will fix this problem by becoming a better version of myself.” Replace the word “good enough” with a statement that makes you feel good. “I have a lot of energy and I can become more assertive and confident. I can become a better lover and I will stop gossiping and stop being a couch potato.”

Change the way you think about yourself: Many people believe they are worthless, stupid, fat, useless, wimpy, and many other things. They feel like there is no hope for change because their self-limiting beliefs say otherwise. Recognize your own self limiting beliefs. Once you recognize them change them. This is one of the easiest ways to feel like a different person.

Replace belief with a belief that is empowering and confident. A powerful belief that says you are smart enough to deal with anything that comes at me. A belief that says I am smart enough to deal with these problems by stepping outside of myself and focusing on the valuable things in life that I can control. A belief that says I am smart enough to handle whatever happens that comes my way. Instead of saying “I am dumb enough to make mistakes” replace it with “I am smart enough to deal with problems by stepping out of the box and utilizing my unique strengths.”

Remember that your subconscious mind is very programmed to believe these things. By using affirmations you can change the programming and re-program your self-limiting beliefs to one of empowerment and confidence. You don’t have to do this with psychotherapy or hypnosis. Affirmations are so simple to use that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Try it and see how it works.