Limiting Beliefs Can Lead To Stress And Anxiety

Limiting beliefs are nothing but misconceptions about life experiences that originate from your mental perceptions. To achieve the best possible results, we must have as close a hold to reality as we can. Unfortunately, limiting beliefs and self-deception can mean that we end up with distorted and harmful realities which hinder our ability to act responsibly and fully. Having distorted and limiting beliefs can mean that we never fully satisfy our deepest dreams and goals. And having limited and distorted realities can mean that we may never truly live the life we really want to live.

A belief is a mental blueprint developed from your childhood, which guides you through life. Every belief you possess originated from a previous childhood belief. Even if these beliefs do not directly affect you day-to-day, they can shape your future. Limiting beliefs can mean that you don’t take action to achieve your goals because you are afraid that you might fail or because you don’t believe it will work. If you want to take action towards your goals, you must first eliminate all limiting beliefs and put into place new beliefs that support your goals.

You are the product of your thoughts – your very own personal “model” of the world. Each time you think, you emit thoughts which are in line with the way you perceive life. Those thoughts become your beliefs. These beliefs are then incorporated into your physical self and sent out into the universe as vibrations which influence other vibrations.

Limiting beliefs are essentially the opposite of what you want to express. For instance, if you are always thinking that you are unhappy, then that’s a limiting belief. The more you let it get you down, the more you will stay in that miserable state. So instead of changing that belief to, for instance, that there is always a solution to every problem, you could make us feel that there is a solution by believing that there isn’t a problem at all. This way, you have a choice – you can believe whatever you want to and you can create the reality that you are looking for.

In order to change your limiting beliefs, you need to do some soul searching. What have you been doing in your life experience that has held you back from taking full advantage of your life experience? Have you been perpetuating bad decisions and actions, bad circumstances and feelings? Once you discover what it is that is stopping you from being who you really are, then it is a simple matter to change your limiting beliefs to something more positive and to take action to change those negative emotions.

The saying that “what you think is what you are” really does ring true. Once you understand that limiting beliefs are not in fact what you feel, it will be easier for you to break out of your limited mindset. When you truly believe that you are an extraordinary person with unlimited potential, you will see things in a new light. You will be inspired to take advantage of your life’s opportunities and to live in the fullest possible way. You will find that your emotions will follow suit and you will be inspired to overcome any obstacles in your path!