Limiting Beliefs – How To Overcome Them

Limiting beliefs are just preconceived ideas about life that arise from your own perceptions of real life situations. They really don’t even exist until you start believing them. So in order for an action to have the most positive effect, all people who want to change their lives need to take as realistic a view of reality as possible.

One of the first things that happens when you begin to believe limiting beliefs is that you begin to feel like you must guard against everything. This is because you have been conditioned by your beliefs to think in terms of “what if”. If you believe that you are afraid of flying then you might get scared when you have to fly, or you might get scared when you are not flying. There are many different and interesting ways to deal with fear. So in order to change them you need to look at the situation rationally and see if there are other options available.

Once you start looking at situations rationally rather than emotionally, you then realize that your limiting beliefs are nothing more than a way of protecting you. You realise that there is no need to be afraid of what you might be afraid of. You then start to take the necessary steps forward to solve whatever it is that you fear and this stops you from ever having to fear what you don’t know exists!

Limiting beliefs tend to make us feel that we must take responsibility for every little thing in our life. We feel that if we don’t do it then something bad will happen to us. It makes us feel like if we don’t do anything it will be bad for us. However, if we use daily practice and take responsibility for our actions, then nothing is ever going to happen to us. This concept of nothing happening is related to external resources. The only real external resources are our daily actions and the good things that happen in our lives.

An example of an immature brain is the teenager who believes that they are a failure. If you believe that you are a failure, then you will not do anything. If you believe that you are a success, then you will take responsibility for the good things that happen to you. Limiting beliefs related to external resources can be understood quite easily when we realise that what we are really afraid of is not really the possibility of what might happen but of what might not happen at all.

You can overcome limiting beliefs through daily practice as long as you understand that by taking responsibility for your actions you have mastered the fear of failure. For example: if you fear that you will fail in your business, then you will never take any risks because you will already be convinced that you will fail. You therefore end up doing nothing. However, by undertaking small risk-taking actions, like starting out with a small amount of capital, you gradually get used to taking bigger risks, until eventually you can tackle any risk without any fear. This applies to all areas of your life.

The fear of many responsibilities relates to the fear of losing control or of having to do something very badly. It is the fear of having to make the decision to say ‘no’ which paralyzes many people. There are many responsibilities that we dread doing, and we would rather avoid them than take the chance. Limiting beliefs about having control over many aspects of one’s life can be defeated through daily practice. In this way, you can master the art of self-mastery and overcome many of the limiting beliefs you have.

By mastering the art of self-mastery, you will soon be in control of every aspect of your life. Your limiting beliefs will slowly be replaced with empowering beliefs, such as the belief that “you can do anything”. Your lifestyle will become so much better than what it is now, and you will realise that it was nothing that could be done by you alone. You will also find that you have made many good friends along the way, who will support and help you as you learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs and gain personal mastery.