Limiting Beliefs – You Hold Us Back!

Whether you want to believe it or not, limiting beliefs are eating you alive. They are hindrances that keep you from growing to your full potential in every area of your life. Limiting beliefs are little more than thoughts, emotions, and opinions that you feel to be the truth. They often have a strong negative influence on you on both a professional and personal level by blocking you from moving forward and truly growing as a person and individual.

A limiting belief is when you hold onto something because of your prior beliefs. You may hold onto fear more tightly because of your religious upbringing. Perhaps you were afraid to go to college because of a low income, or maybe your parents worried that you would not succeed because you are black. No matter what your reason for holding onto a limiting belief it is a belief, and like all beliefs; are completely legitimate.

One of the most powerful ways to defeat limiting beliefs is to attack them head-on with an unshakeable, unshakable core belief. Once you have this deep, unwavering belief in your core you will not look around for opinions or reasons to justify anything. You will not waver for advice, criticism, or even sympathy. Your response to criticism will be instantaneous; you will simply respond as if the comment was not even made. An immature brain does not allow you to see that your response is based on emotion rather than logic.

The next step is to attack your subconscious mind to expunge all of your childhood conditioning. Children are brought up to believe certain things based on what their parents say and how they feel. We are not born with these beliefs, but we continue to live with them for the rest of our lives. Unconditioning ourselves to believe and spread the importance of gratitude will help us to grow and thrive in every aspect of our life.

To expunge childhood limiting beliefs, we must be willing to cut away all ties to the self. It is a characteristic of an immature brain to try to hold yourself apart from the feelings and thoughts of others. The more you try to separate yourself from the pack of emotions and feelings, the further you will retreat into your own private world. This is why unconditional love is such a powerful motivator – by giving unconditional love to yourself you are drawing yourself closer to others and allowing them to love you back. The more you embrace your personal power, the more you will become the person you were meant to be.

If you want to overcome your limiting beliefs about yourself, start by examining the fear that is holding you back. Have you ever experienced fear that you might fail at your job? Did you ever wonder if you could do it? These types of fears are usually formed when someone else tells you that you cannot do it, or that no one else will do it for you.

You hold us back by making us feel like we cannot do it even realizing that we already have the skills, resources and authority to do it. As children we had invisible fences that we were told we couldn’t cross. We felt like we didn’t have the physical ability to do something and that we couldn’t do it alone. This same “perceived” barrier is often the most formidable barrier we face in adulthood. Even realizing that we have the resources, knowledge and authority to do something we feel like we can’t do can cause us to push ourselves away from pursuing it. Our fear of doing it is actually our biggest obstacle to moving ahead.

A great way to help you get over your limiting beliefs is to replace those negative limiting beliefs with positive alternative beliefs. To do this you must first examine what you believe about yourself. Can you identify a negative belief that you have that is preventing you from reaching your goals? Are there alternative beliefs that you have already identified as being false but are holding you back? If you can’t identify or even acknowledge any of your negative beliefs then you need to begin to do some work on changing them. Once you have identified a belief that you can change then you can begin to put it into practice to bring about improvement in your life.