Mindset For Success – What Do You Need To Develop?

So many people who set goals for themselves, fail to reach their goals in spite of their best efforts. They are not interested in what it takes and they keep making the same mistakes over again. Their problem? They have an attitude that their goals are unattainable and they will never achieve them.

The same old thinking leads to the same old self-defeating results, does it not? Now perhaps wondering: How can change my mindset for success? Thankfully, it is possible and within your capacity to change your mindset for success and actually upgrade it from the inside out if you understand how your brain works and what you are able to do to change a negative outlook towards life towards a positive, more attainable and successful attitude. To change your mindset for success, you must first begin by understanding that your thoughts directly effect you. Any thought you have is a creation, even if it is a negative one, as these thoughts create the reality that we live in.

So firstly, you must develop a positive, work-life balance. A healthy work life balance is one where your work ethic is strong and you take pride in your work, you are enthusiastic about what you do and have a strong sense of satisfaction when completing your tasks. Alongside this you must, as part of changing your mindset for success, develop and live the right work values. These values must be strong and realistic, and you must work hard at inculcating them in your everyday life.

Secondly, and on a related note, you must develop and live the opposite of the fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe that things are definite and unchangeable, they have a very rigid approach to achieving success. On the other hand, if you have a flexible mindset, you are open to learning new skills, expanding and using your talents. If you want to achieve success then your mind has to be receptive to learning new skills, utilising your existing skills in the best way possible. Developing and living a mindset for success which involves an open mind and willingness to change and develop your skills is key to this.

Next you must get clear about what success is to you. People with a fixed mindset to think of success as some kind of prize awarded to them at the end of a rainbow, no effort required! This kind of mindset can leave you feeling discourage and even give you a sense of failure. The mindset for success is one in which you are not looking for any reward at the end of the day but the satisfaction of growing stronger and becoming a better person. This kind of mindset will help you get rid of fears in your daily life and enable you to fulfil your potential.

One final step to developing a winning mindset is to praise yourself, and more importantly someone else when you do something right. A great motivational quote is by Carol Dweck who said “anyone who believes they can, or even can’t, do something worth thinking about and doing, probably has an inner critic that steers him or her along that road. In other words, anyone who preaches consistency, focus, and effort will likely find that their internal critic is holding them back.” A Carol dweck is known as the mother of focus and she’s right, it’s important to continually praise yourself and be excited about improving yourself so that you can achieve success.