Motivating Students to Build a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the foundation for success. It is an attitude that encourages and guides individuals in making important decisions based on what they understand about the world and their unique situation. Attitude alone does not make successful decisions. Individuals who develop a positive growth mindset believe that they are capable of influencing and controlling their environment and the people around them to achieve their goals.

In general, a growth mindset is defined as a set of beliefs, approaches, or concepts held by one or many individuals about themselves or their world view. The word comes from the German verb gegen meaning to strive. According to this concept, an individual strives for excellence in areas where they lack knowledge or abilities. In business, an individual with a growth mindset is one who believes in and is capable of achieving, maximum personal success through planning and implementation of strategic plans. In leadership, an individual who possesses a growth mindset is one who is able to influence and change the path of others to success.

A growth-mindset is associated with intelligent action. Those who possess this attitude are able to recognize problems, risks, and opportunities that exist in the world around them before others do. They have the ability to focus on the future and possible obstacles instead of being consumed by the past or by “fear.” They recognize the value in taking risks and accept responsibility for their mistakes due to the fact that it could have been something worse than what it really is. The growth mindset produces smart individuals who are able to think critically, problem solve, and excel at challenging assignments.

Successful people develop a growth mindset so that they can learn new things and apply their learned new skills to solving problems and achieving their goals. A newbie will not be successful unless he has mastered the new skill for which he is learning. A professional will not achieve his potential unless he is skilled in the new skill for which he is training. Therefore, to be effective, you must first learn new things. To learn new things, you must be able to visualize yourself performing the task successfully.

In the mind of a person born with an intellect fixed on certain narrow parameters, growth must occur before he becomes efficient in his capacity for development. This type of growth mindset believes that there is a fixed limit to the capabilities of the human mind. It resists changes because it believes that each individual is limited by his fixed set of talents and abilities.

This limited belief is incorrect. You may possess exceptional talents and abilities. Furthermore, you may have a very good education and professional training, but you have no idea how to utilize your talents and abilities to reach your potential. The growth mindset allows you to develop the full potential of your set of fixed faculties – your mind, body, and spirit – by allowing you to achieve success in the areas where you are weakest.

The Growth mindset permits you to think differently about challenges. Challenges are good because they allow you to grow. The Growth mindset believes that each challenge provides you with a chance to increase your capabilities. It holds the view that if you can get better at something, then you will also get better at facing challenges. It believes that by becoming more capable in facing challenges, you will become more successful.

The Growth mindset encourages students to be goal oriented. Students with a growth mindset believe that they can achieve their goals if they are willing to work hard at it and they believe that they can help others achieve success as well. Students with a fixed mindset believe that they are stuck in a rut and cannot change, whereas those with growth mindset believe that change can be both good and bad.