Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs About Dating

Self-limiting beliefs, when they come to the surface, can be a shock to our system. Most of the time we have no choice but to swallow our pride and try to overcome the limitations it represents. We have to first accept the fact that we have these beliefs. It is a humbling experience.

The most common self-limiting beliefs are:

General Limiting Beliefs About Yourself: Self-limiting beliefs about yourself are statements that are extremely hard to change because, for the most part, they are a statement about what you believe. Your beliefs about who you are and your worth as a person are deeply entrenched in your core beliefs about yourself. Therefore, changing your self-limiting beliefs will be a major psychological adjustment. Most people are resistant to change, even when they are willing to make that change. So, when your new belief emerges from the sea of your new beliefs about yourself, your success will be significantly more challenging.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself – Part 2: Here’s another one of those self-limiting beliefs that is quite difficult to dislodge. It is this one: I’m just going to have to live with it. It sounds like an excuse but, really, what it means is: I’ll have to continue to do things that don’t meet my standards. If you’ve had any doubts or concerns about how you’ll meet some of your life’s goals, then this is where they’re hiding. This one causes you to doubt your ability to succeed at anything worthwhile in your life.

Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself – Part 1: This one may sound self-evident, but I’ll say it anyway: these self-limiting beliefs are the most damaging and dangerous of all. They can cause you to feel powerless, unworthy, incompetent, stupid, fat, ugly, depressed, inadequate, depressed, confused, inadequate, stupid, fat, unappealing, and/or disabled. In other words, if you believe them, you will be miserable! No wonder most people end up unhappy!

The first step in conquering your self-limiting beliefs is to figure out which of them is hurting you. Your problems, worries, fears, anxieties, and sorrows are all related. Once you know which ones are hurting you and which ones are valid reasons for them, you need to figure out how you’re going to deal with them differently. You want to take control of your emotions and feelings so you can begin to shift them away from the beliefs that hurt you.

For example, one of your self-limiting beliefs is that you are not good enough or smart enough to do something on your own. This may be true and may even be a very real truth. It’s true that sometimes you just have to rely on others to get what you need done. However, this does not mean that you should never do anything on your own. Sometimes you will need to use your own intelligence to figure out the best way to accomplish something.

Another one of your self-limiting beliefs is that you will never find the right partner. Or, you may have a fear of not having anyone to rely on when you need help. You may believe that dating is an overwhelming emotion and that no one will understand you unless you talk to them, discuss things with them, and spend time with them. However, you know that there are many wonderful people out there are also many people who would love to date with you. If you get past these two limiting beliefs, you can build a great, loving, positive relationship.