Passive Or Aggressive Communication – Can You Handle It Better?

There are many benefits to using assertive communication when communicating with the opposite sex. You have to realize that there is always some kind of filter that is in play when you communicate with people. Most people are very good at blocking and avoiding communication. You can use these techniques to really blast through those barriers. You will also be able to get your point across in a clear and compelling manner.

One of the most common techniques to communicate assertively is to maintain eye contact while talking. Without maintaining some level of eye contact you will lose your ability to effectively communicate your message. A great tip is to maintain a certain posture when communicating and use your body language to show your level of interest. Also using assertive communication will allow you to clearly and boldly say your opinions, thoughts and feelings to the person you’re talking to in the office or in the classroom.

Here are some real-life examples of successful assertive communication. Some of these tips will work better for you than others. You might need some practice to perfect these techniques but in time you will start to notice some really great benefits. The first thing you want to do is look at yourself and what kind of reaction do you have when someone speaks to you in an assertive manner? Is there a slight flush of adrenaline or does your face flush? These are all real-life examples of how you react to aggressive communication.

Next you want to go even further by teaching kids how to use role-playing. Kids love role-playing so why not teach them how to use role-playing to communicate with each other? This can be done through pretend play. You can buy stickers and toys that have role-playing figures on them and set up a game where kids put on these roles and interact with each other. This is also a good idea for family evenings and family holidays as you can encourage your children to get involved.

Finally you can use the same techniques for teaching assertive communication in the workplace. If you feel like there is a gender divide in the company don’t hesitate to mention it. If there is a power struggle between two colleagues then calmly say that this needs met and put it in the employee’s place. Again, if there is a discussion about whether or not there should be equal opportunity in the workplace then calmly make the point and mention it to one of the colleague so that everybody knows what needs met.

In conclusion there is no problem with using passive or aggressive language when you need to communicate with another person. What is problematic is when you do it without thinking and it starts becoming habitual. This is what leads to aggression and to a lack of communication in businesses and in relationships. Instead take a moment to consider how you could be more assertive and communicate effectively.