Play These Common Female Archetypes to Improve Your Luck in Free Roam Rpg Games

What are female archetypes? For some people they are simply an image or concept that represents the way they see women. For other people they are more in-depth and represent something which is more personal to a person. The truth is there are as many female archetypes as there are men. And while many people think of them as four specific archetypes, this could also apply to five or six, or even more!

There are several female archetypes to explore at different times, but in general the four archetypes of the month which most like to associate with are the Maiden, the Mother, the Sage or, more accurately, the Shamaness. Sometimes these archetypes overlap and this is when it can be especially fun to add some other archetypal attributes to your character. However, it is important not to get too carried away and take the role of your character too seriously. These archetypes can all be played up to the point of taking themselves too seriously.

One of the more popular archetypes, and one that covers a fair amount of time in the menstrual cycle, is the Maiden. The Maiden is the outside physical representation for a woman. It’s not that she doesn’t have any faults, but at this time in her life she is a pure and innocent being. When she is in her monthly cycle she is a pure being of light and because of this her journey through life is often symbolized by a light touch or a candle’s flame in her hand.

This is important to remember when using female archetypes as a basis for your PC’s development. You don’t have to play up the “bad girl” part entirely. Instead, you just need to draw on some of her natural good qualities to highlight her positive traits. When you do this the balance that is present in most female archetypes is balanced out and gives you a stable and comfortable place to start your own personal self-discovery.

Of course there are other archetypes besides the Maiden that are also related to the monthly menstrual cycle. The Mother is another example of female archetypal characteristics that can be used to express yourself creatively. Similar to the Maiden, the Mother is an outside physical representation of a woman, and thus is a representation of all the different aspects of being a mother. As the woman rises through her period, she takes on all the unwanted characteristics of being a mother. If you are using female archetypes as a basis for your own PC, you can represent this concept in your story by having a mother figure appear in many different ways throughout the tale.

Another common female archetypes are those of teachers and students. Teachers are generally associated with knowledge and intellect and can represent a female character who is often in a teaching position. However, these archetypes can also apply to a male character as well. A student is likely to have many friends who they study with, so it might be a good idea to include a teacher or professor archetype as well.

A final common archetypal female characteristic is the mystical or psychic type. These archetypes can include a clairvoyant, who have the knowledge of the future, and/or one with clairaudience, who receives information from spirits or from the spirit world. Of all the female archetypes, the mystical type could be the most fun to play around with. You can play with a mysterious woman, a virgin who is now a teenager, a wise woman who are searching for a path to enlightenment, and much more.

Playing with female archetypes can be a lot of fun, because you get to role play an integral part in creating the characters you will ultimately relate too. Just remember that these aren’t the only archetypes out there. The key is to determine which type of character would appeal to you the most and then to play that character to its fullest potential. Whether you decide to be a teacher, a virgin, a student, a mystic, or whatever else, remember that playing archetypes helps bring out your inner strengths and your natural strengths as well.