Self-Esteem Vs Confidence

The confidence or self-esteem? This is one of the most important questions that a person must ask in his or her lifetime. These two are actually different things but there are some similarities as well. You see, self-esteem vs. confidence stem from the idea that we do not always know everything and have all the answers. Therefore, we base our self-assessment and evaluation of ourselves on the information that we get from others and on our own assumptions. The result is that our perception of our capabilities and our confidence are affected by this.

On the other hand, confidence is not based on what other people tell us, but it is more on how we react to things. That’s right; our perception of ourselves is also affected by the way we react to things. For instance, if we are faced with a challenge or if we are confronted with failure, our confidence level goes down. Why? Because we make assumptions about failure and we make them based on our own failures and our limited ability to do things better.

Now, if we take the opposite view of success and if we assume that we can do whatever we put our minds to then our self-esteem will certainly go up. That’s why many people who lack confidence build up their self-esteem so much that they forget about having low self-esteem. And this is actually very dangerous because it makes them feel better about themselves but at the same time, it prevents them from doing better things. For instance, someone who builds up his self-esteem and confidence to the point that he does nothing is dead set on achieving whatever it is that he set out to do. He has no true belief in his capabilities.

Now, I do not mean to knock confidence. It is something that is very important. The problem is when someone is lacking confidence, he thinks he is worthless so much so that he begins to see himself as worthless. This then causes him to do very little and gets in the way of getting what he wants. He does not believe in himself anymore. He believes that he is nothing without success and without a high self-esteem.

What we need to do then is to remind ourselves constantly that we are worthy of the things that we want. We have to remind ourselves every day that we are amazing and that we have the potential to achieve great things. There is no reason why we should ever stop reminding ourselves of this. The more confidence we build up, the better things are going to look.

The key is that we do not procrastinate. In fact, the more we do it, the better things will look. So, just like in the confidence-building stage, it is essential that we get into action. This can be achieved by writing down things that we would like to achieve and doing our best to achieve them. We can also make our plans and then commit to doing them and seeing them through to the end.

A big part of building our confidence level is learning to accept success. If we see that others have succeeded and have come far in life, then we must also be convinced that we too can succeed. This can be done by setting goals that are within our reach and pursuing them. We must also keep a positive attitude and believe in ourselves so that we can become successful.

So, to sum it all up, in order to have self-esteem vs. confidence then one must work on building his confidence every day. He can build it by writing down things that he is interested in and pursuing them. He can also build it by making plans and following them through to the end. Finally, he should keep a positive attitude and believe in himself so that he can become successful.