Self-Esteem Vs Confidence: How Difficult Is It To Adjust Your Thinking?

In this article we are going to talk about the very difference between these two important aspects of a person’s life. Many of us have come across people who have high levels of confidence and yet have very low self-esteem. How can you be sure that you are dealing with someone with a healthy level of self-esteem? Well, there is actually a trick to finding out just how confident someone is. Let’s take a look at this in more detail…

The first thing you should do when you observe someone with a very good level of self-confidence is to ask them about their background. The best answer to this question is going to be the one that has something to do with their successes. If a person comes up with something impressive about their past achievements then you should consider them to be a better person than those who have come up with nothing. This is because we all have our failures but there is only so much we can do about them.

But how can you use the answers you get from these questions to determine if you are dealing with someone who is able to raise their self-esteem vs. confidence? One way is to pay close attention to how they dress. If they are dressed well then we can assume that they are confident. On the other hand, if they are dressed poorly then we can conclude that they lack confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are closely related and thus dressing well can actually be used to determine just how confident someone is.

Another simple way to determine self-esteem is by paying close attention to the way they speak. If they tend to speak slowly and with a great deal of caution then they will probably be a better person to chat with than someone who speaks too quickly and whose diction is poor. Remember, we are not talking about intelligence here. We are talking about general verbal competence.

Something else to consider is how someone acts in social situations. Someone who is more outgoing may seem to be a better person to spend time with, but is this really so? If we look at successful people, one thing that immediately jumps out at us is their confidence. They seem to have a better self-esteem than the average person.

When we ask ourselves these questions, we can quickly and easily evaluate the information based on our own observations. It is a quick way to tell if someone is more of a confident or more of an insecure person. If they don’t have the ability to be themselves in public then it’s safe to assume that they lack confidence. On the other hand, someone who is more outgoing might seem to be a better person to hang out with, but is that truly so? Is their true personality of the kind that we want to spend time with? And if we know that someone is not the outgoing type, but is rather the quiet type, then perhaps that person would not be such a better person to spend time with, no matter how good they act in public.

One final question we might ask ourselves when comparing our self-esteem to confidence is this: “do we have the same goals in life?” Do we both want the same things out of life? I’m sure we do, but are we willing to put the same amount of effort into getting those things done? If we are both driven to succeed then that’s great, but if we have different beliefs about what we want from life, then it could lead to problems. Confidence goes hand-in-hand with ambition and hard work, and these things are far more important than some “fake” high you can put on if you think it will help you.

The bottom line is, everyone has their own goals, and everyone has the potential to achieve them. However, sometimes certain circumstances come along that make it very difficult for a person to achieve their goals. This might be due to having low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in oneself. In these cases, it’s important to know which one you have rather than trying to fix the other one so you can feel better about yourself.