Self-Esteem Vs Ego

There are many great arguments for why self-esteem is stronger than ego. Ego can be a strong force that crushes those who have a strong inner core. Yet, sometimes ego can also be too powerful to overcome. When that happens a person can fall into the pit of despair. This may be where depression and anxiety begin.

So, how can a person maintain a strong self worth? It really comes down to having a good balance between believing in oneself and believing in the abilities and strengths of others. A good way to achieve this is by having a good balance between what you think and feel and what you see. Your feelings and thoughts are only part of the equation.

The other half is your inner self. This is where your true self is located. It is where your real “you” is. This is where your true self is considered an individual with individuality and not just a member of the crowd. It’s important to remember that your inner self is just as real and valid as your outer self. Ego can’t crush your inner self.

When a person has a healthy balance between ego and self-esteem they will enjoy a higher level of personal success and happiness. When the ego takes control it can have disastrous effects on the person’s emotional health. Depression and anxiety can start to form. They can even manifest as physical health issues such as high blood pressure, or low muscle tone. When the inner self is strong, it allows the outer self to take center stage.

The starting point is accepting yourself as you are now. No matter what anybody else thinks of you, believe it or not, you are unique. You have your good qualities and your bad ones. It’s okay to embrace these faults and even embrace your positive characteristics. This is where self-esteem comes in. Once you have decided to embrace your inner self, you have a better chance at becoming who you really are.

This doesn’t mean that you have to live a lie about who you are. Just be honest and true to yourself from the inside out. Tell yourself what you are grateful for and how you expect life to go. Believe in your own intelligence and ability to become the person you want to be.

Once you have reached a positive level of self-esteem, your next goal should be to find a way to love yourself. It’s hard to do this when you constantly think about your shortcomings. But if you really want to succeed, and learn to love yourself, then you will eventually get over them. That’s when you will start to develop a true level of self confidence. It will then be easier for you to let those around you know how wonderful you truly are.

Don’t try to compare yourself to other people. You can’t help but compare yourself and your situation to others. When you realize that comparing yourself to others will only hold you back, instead of helping you to grow and succeed, then you will know why self-esteem vs. ego are so important in personal development.

Be confident. If you can’t smile and be happy in your own skin, how can anyone else? Having a great sense of self-esteem means that you look at yourself in the mirror and determine whether or not you are a success or a failure. Are you a people magnet? Do you get a rise out of just about everyone that comes through your life?

The best way to build self-esteem is to make a decision to believe in yourself right from the beginning. Once you have decided to trust yourself, and build your self-esteem from there, it will be much easier for you to move forward towards success. Once you have a sense of self-confidence that you are on the right path, you will be encouraged to reach new levels of achievement. You will also be inspired to follow your own passions instead of following someone else’s direction. Sooner or later, your self-esteem will be a reality and you will realize your goals and dreams sooner than you thought possible.

Success takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight and there is no such thing as a “miracle of birth”. No matter what you do or where you end up, it will take hard work, persistence, perseverance and most of all, self-confidence. The more self-confidence that you have inside of you, the further you will go and the more you will succeed. If you have a healthy self-esteem, it will be much easier for you to accomplish your goals, and it will be much easier for you to achieve the success you desire.

When it comes down to it, the competition between self-esteem and ego is really quite simple. Ego is the way that we define ourselves. Self-esteem will allow us to pursue our dreams and make dreams become reality. Just remember, the starting place is always with yourself. Work hard, play fair and enjoy the game!