Self Limiting Beliefs Can Make It Very Hard to Achieve Goals

These are some of the self-limiting beliefs that most people have. They are limiting themselves from reaching their potential. It is like a river where all the boats fail to reach the deep blue waters. In order to get to the other side you need to cross all the smaller rivers.

Self Limiting Beliefs Regarding Yourself: I’m not good enough, I’m overweight, unattractive or thin. I’m not pretty or young or pretty enough. I’m too young or too old. Maybe I don’t have time to exercise, I’m not able to make decisions right and I’m not a team player. These are all self-limiting beliefs that can be overcome.

First, if you believe that you are not good enough then you need to examine why you are not good enough so that you can change your self-limiting beliefs. This can be an exercise in introspection. Paying attention to your beliefs can give you insight into what you believe about yourself. If you do not feel good about yourself then you need to discover why and what it is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

If you find that you are overweight and this is causing you to procrastinate then you have self-limiting beliefs about weight. You can begin by cutting calories, exercising more or both. This will help you lose weight. Once you lose weight then you can work on overcoming your over self esteem issues.

Overcoming your over self esteem issue is one of the first steps to getting healthy. Self-defeating behaviors are the cause of many illnesses and can cause you to suffer in silence. There is hope though. Once you have identified the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your full potential then you can work to overcome them.

Self limiting beliefs can be very different than the thoughts you have about yourself. It can be about what you feel like a good person should feel like, how you want to be treated, how you feel about yourself, how you should behave etc. The reason you feel like a different person is that your beliefs are totally different than how you live your life. Your self limiting beliefs about yourself and others are caused by your environment. If you were to change these beliefs you would feel like a different person and would actually be a different person.

Self limiting beliefs like the ones I have mentioned above have been around since you were a child. They are a learned behavior and can be unlearned. Many people learn how to be smart by repeating stupid ideas to themselves all the time. By doing this they become smart enough to know that they are wrong and that this belief is false. Changing your self limiting beliefs to something else is quite possible and can be easy.

By learning more about how the mind works it is now possible to use that knowledge to not only change self-limiting beliefs but also to teach the subconscious mind how to be more accepting of the things that do happen in life. You will find that when you use positive affirmations instead of self-defeating words that the things that happen to you will become easier to handle. You will find that your self-esteem improves as well because the subconscious mind now understands what it is supposed to be like. Changing your self limiting beliefs to positive ones can make an amazing difference in your life.

One of the most common limiting beliefs that we have is that we are either too smart or not smart enough. Both statements are false and are not true. It is possible to be both smart and not smart enough and having to deal with this in today’s society makes life so hard for so many people. We are all created equally and nobody is better than anyone else no matter what they are talking about. If someone is saying that you are not a good enough person to achieve something that you want to do, then they are just perpetuating the idea that you are not smart enough to do it.

One way to change your self-limiting beliefs is to make use of cognitive re-patterning. Cognitive re-patterning is basically a technique that helps you change the way that you think when it comes to certain problematic issues. For example, if you were to have a conversation about your career, you would probably have a conversation about your job advancement or promotion. If you don’t like the way that you are speaking about it, your mind might start to wander onto something else. Cognitive re-patterning helps you to take a moment to step back from your situation and talk about positive ideas rather than negative ones.

If you find that a particular limiting belief keeps you from achieving the success that you desire, then it is important that you replace it with another belief. You can create a new belief that states that success is right in front of you and it is absolutely possible to do. Once you create this new belief, it can make a tremendous difference in your ability to succeed. It doesn’t matter what kind of belief you have; it can make a huge difference in your success.