Self Limiting Beliefs – Smart Enough To Succeed

Self-limiting beliefs are basically the opposite of self-empowering beliefs. They are holding you back from reaching your potential in life. Once you start to believe these things about yourself, you start to believe all these negative things about yourself. You can’t achieve anything because you won’t allow yourself to.

General Self Limiting Beliefs About Yourself: generic belief that everyone is not good enough or pretty enough. Everyone is not as smart or as attractive as they want to be. Everyone doesn’t have time or enough money to get the life they really want. No one is going to care about what you have to say or like you. It’s going to be difficult for you to move forward with your dreams and goals if this kind of self-limiting beliefs.

This is where I help people find the courage to believe that they CAN achieve whatever it is they want. When you accept that YOU are the deciding factor in anything, it gives you an incredible level of motivation and confidence. You are not holding yourself back or preventing yourself from becoming who you really are. If you are limiting beliefs about yourself, then you are limiting your potential. Don’t allow yourself to feel this way.

You have to create a completely new belief for yourself. Once you create this new belief of yourself, use it to remove all those old self-limiting beliefs about yourself. The next step is to believe this new belief with all of your being. This means you must mentally tell yourself all the reasons why you believe it. Believe it with all of your heart and soul.

After you have completely believed this new belief, start challenging yourself. Think about how much good it will do for you. Challenge yourself by asking yourself what it will do for you, compared to what you thought would happen if you kept using the beliefs about yourself that you were negative about. Ask yourself if this is good enough for me. Once you convince yourself that this is good enough for me, change your limiting beliefs to true belief: That I am smart enough, and that I deserve to be smart enough, and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

This is the emotional challenge that you are going to have to face: It is not how much you know, but how much you care. This is where the power of confidence comes in to make you believe that you CAN achieve anything you put your mind to. This is when you start creating a new self fulfilling myth. You are smart enough, and you are good enough, and this is going to unleash a powerful inner force inside of you that is going to overcome any and all self-limiting beliefs you may have had about yourself.

Once you have changed your limiting beliefs, and once you have changed your over self-limiting beliefs, you are now ready to apply this new belief system to your life. The key to remember here is that YOU are the boss here, NOT your subconscious mind. When you create a self-fulfilling Myth, based on your over self-limiting beliefs, and when you take action toward this new belief, the truth shall become clear to you. And then only, will you be able to accomplish ANYTHING you set out to accomplish!

! Now that you know what it takes to win the game, what do you need to do? Simple… Change your limiting beliefs once they have been defeated. And keep changing them as new limiting beliefs arise. If you stick with your goal and continue to take action in this manner, you will prevail over your self-limiting beliefs, and SMART gain!