Self-Limiting Beliefs: Understanding Them & How to Change Them For the Better

What are the self-limiting beliefs that you have? The ones that really hold you back. If you want to change your life you will have to find ways to break through these self-limiting beliefs. You are going to have to go on a self-discovery journey and figure out what is holding you back. It’s important that you understand what self-limiting beliefs are before you can start to break them down.

Self-limiting beliefs are, in fact, a kind of default belief. Your subconscious mind has a default belief system and any time you give it a new belief it will automatically want to be true. So, if you’ve been believing that you must work at a job or that rich people are evil/greedy/ etc you will continue to believe this. Once you learn that new belief, you can choose to break it out of your self limiting beliefs.

Here is an example. Consider a time when you had an overwhelming emotion. You may have worried about losing your job, getting into big trouble at work, having financial difficulties with your fiance or even being sued by a large company for some kind of injury. If you can choose to change your self-limiting beliefs about these situations you can take back control of your life. But you won’t be able to do this until you understand what is triggering these overwhelming emotions in your life.

For self-limiting beliefs to be broken you will need to identify what is triggering your emotions. Once you have identified your triggers, you will need to replace them with new beliefs. For example: If your biggest limiting belief is that you must work at a job you must overcome this belief. Replace this belief with something like, I am not good enough to be a successful entrepreneur. This belief can be replaced with something like, I am willing to conquer my limitation and become the best entrepreneur I can.

Changing your self limiting beliefs can be easy if you are prepared to put forth the effort. Many people are afraid to change and are reluctant to let go of their old beliefs about themselves and their ability to do things. In order to change your negative self beliefs you need to be willing to be uncomfortable for a time. If you fear change then you won’t be able to let go of your old limiting belief. The key to changing any belief is to confront it and say, “You are wrong about this, it doesn’t make sense.” This will make it clear that if this is the case then you need to eliminate this belief from your mind.

When you get rid of your self limiting beliefs, it is important that you choose beliefs that make sense to you. Changing what you believe about yourself may be easier than you think. All it takes is for you to be open to the possibility that you could be wrong about something and to face that possibility. If you can face that possibility, you have accomplished the first step in conquering your doubt. In order to keep you motivated, you can offer yourself rewards along the way such as learning a new skill or working out a certain portion of your day.

The next step to changing your self-limiting beliefs is to understand exactly what your subconscious mind is telling you on a regular basis. One of the biggest self-limiting beliefs is that you are not smart enough to accomplish what you set out to do. You hear this all of the time and it is really starting to wear on you. The truth is, the subconscious mind is saying to you, “I don’t matter, I’m just another body on the planet, and there are millions of people who are smarter than me and are better educated than me.”

You have probably heard these types of statements hundreds of times before, but you may not realize that they actually ring true. The reason that you have self-limiting beliefs is because you have convinced yourself over the years that you are something that you are not. When you consistently believe that you are something that you are not, then you become aware of all of the different ways that you say things. In addition, when you recognize all of these different ways that you say things, then you start to see how your mind processes those thoughts and it starts to believe them too. When your mind believes something, then your body takes it as fact and does what you tell it to.