Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are basically what you think your self is capable of. If you believe you are not good enough, then you aren’t. If you don’t believe you are talented enough, then you aren’t. If you believe you aren’t smart enough to be successful, then you probably aren’t.

No one has ever said, “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” but that’s what self-limiting beliefs feel like to the person holding them. To dispute their validity would be to risk losing their self-confidence. That’s why the saying, “What do you believe about yourself?” is important.

For example, if you say, “My hands are too big,” you are not really saying, “I am not gifted in painting or sculpture,” you are saying, “My hands aren’t proportionate to the rest of my body.” Self-talk is very damaging because it prevents you from changing your thoughts to the ones you believe are true. What we call self-sabotage is often the result of limiting beliefs. You may have heard the expression, “what you sow comes forth,” well that is where your limiting beliefs are coming from. The way you see and treat your body will determine the way you perceive and treat others. People with large breasts sometimes have issues with self-esteem and may take criticism badly.

What is happening when you say, “My hands aren’t proportionate to the rest of my body.” You are doing is you are creating an atmosphere of insecurity about yourself. You are limiting your growth by constantly questioning your self worth. This can come from a family environment, from self-talk, from negative media, or any number of reasons. You have to look for the truth about self-limiting beliefs and learn how to replace them with empowering beliefs that will improve your life.

You can’t stop the universe from working according to its own pace. You have to be willing to let go and be flexible. You have to know that if something is not working out the way you hoped it would, it just has to change. You have to allow that inner light to shine through and you will be inspired by what that brings to you. You can make any situation a success no matter what it is.

I don’t know if you have read the book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” but James Arthur Ray is a guru on personal development and self improvement. In this book he shares his decades of research on how to think and feel good. He lays out how to use positive self talk to get the results you desire. You will no longer feel the need to justify yourself to anyone or put yourself down, you will instead have an inner belief that allows you to succeed.

If you feel anything is wrong or you don’t feel good enough, it’s important to listen to your inner self talk. Find ways to start feeling better about yourself and surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. Remember your negative thoughts only feed the negative energy within you. Take note of the times when you think you are worthless, and then change those thoughts. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who will affirm your good traits.

The most successful people seem to be those with strong self confidence. They take pride in who they are and believe in themselves. When you start believing in yourself and have a healthy self talk, you will find that limiting beliefs don’t quite seem to matter as much. It all comes down to how much love and support you have around you. Take a few minutes and start discovering the secrets that successful people are using to turn their lives around.