The Importance of Assertiveness – Things You Must Know

The importance of assertiveness in workplace is that it enables us to effectively search for the most practical and realistic solutions to problems. There are too many challenges ahead, but believe me I am sure that those who display assertiveness will get effective solutions along. Let me share how these two views can assist to problem solve so that all can come nearer to finding a satisfactory solution. So, just read on and get maximum advantage from this article.

As already mentioned that the assertive person can be easily defined as someone who is aggressive towards his/her opponent or even towards the strangers. In order to tackle such aggressive people, you have to be assertive too and express your feelings to that person who is blocking your way or attacking you. However, when you talk with your close friends or colleagues, they will tell you that you have a lot of patience and you take time in understanding the issues of other person and they are also a good listener.

Hence, the concept of non- assertion and assertiveness can be used to complement your assertiveness attitude. When you express your feelings to someone who is acting aggressively, he/she will quickly feel threatened and defensive. But, if you know that the situation is not really critical, then you can use your assertiveness without any threat. And, this will go a long way in boosting your self-confidence.

However, many people think that assertiveness is directly related to aggression and self-preservation. But, I would suggest you to think about the following scenario – If you are sitting on a beach and your friend arrives there and starts harassing you because of his/her wrong perception, how do you feel? Well, you can simply remain quiet and firm. If you have built self-confidence as well as assertiveness during your childhood, then you can easily put an end to such irritating behaviors.

Now, it is important to remember that you should not always adopt the aggressive behavior. Sometimes, just sharing your feelings and thoughts will help make you cool and collected and you will not be inclined to take any extreme measures. Similarly, your non-aggressive ways can help you to diffuse situations which are heading towards argumentation and disharmony. So, you should remember that assertiveness should not be equated with aggression. There are certain exceptions to this rule and in such cases, you should opt for assertiveness.

In conclusion, it can be said that the main role of an assertive individual is to shield his/her feelings and thoughts. And, he/she should never let another person bully him/her. This is the only way to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Remember, you can become assertive without being aggressive. Just choose the right way!