The Limiting Beliefs You Hold About Your Psychic Abilities

What are limiting beliefs? Essentially, limiting beliefs are false thoughts, ideas or opinions that one feels to be the truth. They typically have a very negative impact on one’s daily life by either preventing them from going ahead and growing professionally and on a personal level or by stopping them from progressing. It is a good idea to work through these beliefs and correct them where possible and also to work towards eradicating any negativity that may remain. If you recognise that you have any limiting beliefs and you are keen to develop your self-confidence, you may need to enlist the help of a trained counsellor to assist you.

One of the common limiting beliefs is that we don’t have the right to be ourselves or that others will judge us. There is a tendency to hold onto the feelings of fear and anxiety that we experience, which can hinder us from becoming fully aware of what we are able to do and say. By developing a more positive approach to life, we are better equipped to make decisions that are in our best interests and that will benefit us in the long term. We are also less likely to let fear dictate our lives and allow fear to prevent us from taking advantage of opportunities.

Other limiting beliefs relate to religion. It is easy to allow our religious beliefs to influence our life; however, this should only be one aspect of who we are as people. Many people hold religious beliefs that are nothing but faith based. By becoming a more secular human being, you are likely to become a more successful individual and will also be able to see the world in a more realistic and positive manner.

Many people who possess limiting beliefs tend to believe that there are something wrong with them and their life, which can lead to the development of an immature brain. While many psychics note that individuals with immature brains are not capable of learning the necessary techniques to become a successful psychic, Ras and other psychics believe that all humans have an exceptionally powerful brain. In order for someone to develop an immature brain, it often has to take life experiences that are emotionally draining and that have led to poor self-image and negative self-talk.

A good way to begin to change your limiting beliefs is to research them. You may choose to read up on the various limiting beliefs that you have so that you can begin making steps forward to counteract them. Another option would be to talk to a trusted counselor or spiritual leader. These individuals will give you the information you need to create the life that you desire and to begin developing a new core belief system.

One of the things that Ras tells his clients is that you are not alone in this world. You are not facing a failure if you have limiting beliefs, and instead, you are facing a choice. You can either allow these beliefs to control your life, or you can work to eliminate them and begin to lead a different life. While this procedure can be lengthy and time consuming, the good news is that Ras can help you get through this procedure quickly and effectively. Once you have eliminated limiting beliefs from your life, you will realize that you have created a tremendous amount of freedom and peace.