The Most Common Female Archetypes

Your female archetypes offer insight into your natural instinctual behavior. Just as a horoscope, they give you a clear view of your innermost mind and a precise set of ideas and perceptions that assist you better understand yourself. While your sexual identity may be largely influenced by society’s social mores and expectations, your innermost fundamental nature is largely independent. However, when you continue to repeat the same behavior, your unconscious mind is always at play.

The majority of psychic readers, when presented with a collection of possible archetypes, will quickly narrow them down to the “esses.” However, you can eliminate some of the more mundane characters and eliminate only the most significant of archetypes. When you eliminate the less significant characters, you open up a wealth of possibilities for your psychic readings.

These are the strong characteristics of the strong and successful woman that are unique to her. Your aura and your inner life are teeming with all types of feminine energy and traits. Every woman has these qualities, but it is only through her relationships and interactions with other people that she is able to realize them and use them to her advantage. By discovering your own personal female archetypes, you can help others realize their own as well.

Many of the most important female archetypes represent qualities that are associated with nurturing. The archetypal “girl next door” is a nurturer, someone who loves to share and care for others. The “buddy-buddy” or “neighborhood girl” is someone who finds comfort in the company of others. The “lover” archetype represents a person who is drawn to people, sharing the companionship that comes from shared experience. Each of these archetypes represents a different quality of love, but they also bring with them an important role to play in the world of dating and relationships.

These archetypes are present in all relationships, even when the characters are men. A man who is confident and self-assured can be drawn to women who possess the nurturing qualities of the “buddy-buddy” or “neighborhood girl.” The “curious” character is another whose mind is on the immediate now, always watching for the next move or finding something interesting in the lives of those around her. And finally, there are the “good child” characters, who have an innate sense of right and wrong and generally do not tolerate bad behavior.

Each of these female archetypes represents something different about the way a woman feels. In some situations, these can lead to fears. If the “curious” or “bad child” becomes too dominant in a relationship, that can be a cautionary sign for the woman. Likewise, if she starts taking on too many duties for her own good, that can signal a lack of love in a relationship.

The “Maiden” character is one of the most archetypal female archetypes. She represents youthful exuberance and energy. She is the one who is in charge and who is the bearer of news. A woman may find herself entering a long awaited period, which is a phase known as the “maiden” in the Greek and Roman cultures. In this time of celebration and renewal, a woman will find herself ready to be the romantic presence in a relationship.

If you would like more information about this kind of girl next door, I suggest you follow the links below. You will learn about some of the greatest female archetypes and how they can help you discover your own inner self-love. I hope you find this article of value and find it helps you to realize the beauty of a woman’s inner being.