The Most Common Female Archetypes

The female archetypes offer insight into your innate personality. Just like a horoscope, they offer a precise interpretation of your innermost ideas and instincts. In many cultures, these archetypes are part of the everyday fabric of the people who use them daily. When you repeatedly practice the same behavior, your subconscious mind gets in on the act too. That is how your mind works. By understanding the archetypes behind yourself, you can gain access to your true inner self and understand where you are headed in life.

One of the archetypes that is most likely to be revealed in a zodiac love sign is the Moon. The Moon is one of the primary archetypes that can appear in any sign. The Moon portrays the feminine energy that is the essence of every woman. It also represents the innate intelligence and the natural sense of charm. Women born under the Moon are naturally attractive and have the ability to draw people to them effortlessly.

The next among the female archetypes is the Sun. The Sun is the ruling planet of every woman and symbolizes youth, vitality and virility. It is the planet of communication and guides people through their own personal journeys. It helps women connect with their own intuition and their own inner power. A person born under the Sun is full of vitality, has endless potential, and can bring new life into her relationships.

Another of the two archetypes related to the Moon is the Moon itself. The Sun and the Moon relate to every woman’s feminine side and the feminine energy that is the source of all life. These two celestial bodies symbolize the two cycles of the moon each year which represent the growth and change that every woman goes through throughout her lifetime.

In a female archetype quiz, you will find two other common characteristics of every girl. The Moon represents the feminine aspects of power, creativity, and the feminine personality. It represents the feminine qualities that can make the most of one’s talents and at the same time can also be a symbol of failure and the end of one’s dreams. It is an ever present reminder of one’s own inner flaws and what might have been but for the lack of self-worth. When a person born under the Moon realizes that she might have been able to achieve so much had she not allowed herself to get shut-down by her emotions, then she usually has a major shift in her outlook and in her ability to take responsibility for her own actions and the repercussions of them.

One of the archetypes that also stems from the Moon is the Moon-sign. This is a collective term for all the different individual signs that a girl might have, including the Moon, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. These are considered to be feminine archetypes, since all these signs represent the feminine characteristics that women share. These archetypes are also related to the various aspects of the Moon such as its phases, which mirror the cycles of human growth and maturity.

One more female archetype is also related to the Moon, and that is the Wise archetype. The Moon is a symbol of wisdom and rationality, and this is associated with the Taurus or Sun sign. Women who are born under the Sun often turn out to be highly sensible and rational people, while those born under the Moon often turn out to be extremely creative and emotional. The presence of the Moon in a person’s natal horoscope gives rise to certain traits that a woman may experience in her everyday life. Being a logical and reflective being, the Moon always suggests prudence and intellectual clarity.

Finally, there is the caring, thoughtful, empathic, and sensitive female archetype. The Moon is a symbol of feminine intuition and intelligence, and since women share these traits, it follows that any woman who has a strong Moon energy will feel like she is caring for others and thinking deeply about their welfare. Sensitivity, understanding, and caring are also important aspects of women’s emotions, which is why Empathy is another popular feminine archetype. In fact, many Empaths can feel like caring is a natural trait for a person.