Three Reasons Why Self Limiting Beliefs Keep Us From Succeeding With Our Lives

I’ve been reading a bunch of books by Chuck Goetschel and I’ve noticed that most self-limiting beliefs about themselves are the same. They pretty much say the same thing over. The truth is that you can be wealthy without having to own a yacht, private jets, lots of money, etc. If you limit yourself to only thinking that you can’t achieve the things that you want out of life, you will never become wealthy.

Here are some examples of self-limiting beliefs. “I can’t have enough money.” Or “I can’t have enough material possessions.” Or “Money doesn’t really make you happy.” Or “money is my bottom line.”

Well, if those were true, then why would anyone ever think that they could achieve all those things? All new beliefs are created from new thoughts and beliefs. It’s easy to revert to a self-limiting belief when we have reached a plateau in our growth or a limitation in our daily activities or career. It’s important to replace those old limiting beliefs with new beliefs that are more positive and realistic.

So what should you do to replace those old self limiting beliefs with new beliefs that will attract more wealth and happiness into your life? It’s very simple. All you need to do is write down your goals and write down things that you believe will help you achieve your goals. When you start rereading your goals and statements and really believing that they’re true, it’s very easy to create new self empowering beliefs.

Here’s an example. Everyone knows that it’s not smart enough to keep up with the Joneses. What most people don’t know is that it’s not smart to keep doing what you are doing now and hoping that things will change. You must be smart enough to change and then stay smart enough to continue changing. If you try to use the “what ifs” method instead of taking positive action now, you’re likely to do more damage to yourself and the people around you. By taking positive action now, you can quickly build confidence and you can also keep us motivated towards success by reminding us that there are things that we can control.

Another example is this: If you’ve been keeping up with the Joneses, you probably believe that it’s not possible for you to be as successful as the Joneses because you don’t have the money or the connections that they have. If you take a look at yourself, however, you may find that you don’t really have as much in the way of resources as the Joneses do. It’s a fact that the Joneses have more but it’s a fact that you can be just as successful – if not more – than they are.

What these examples show is that you don’t need to keep blaming others or beating yourself up about past mistakes if you do not change your behavior. Instead of doing what you think other people want you to do, you need to be smart enough to realize that what you want isn’t always going to be what the Joneses want. If you start using positive self limiting beliefs about yourself, then it becomes smart to move towards changing those negative limiting beliefs about yourself.

The third way that self-limiting beliefs stop you from succeeding is that they rob you of happiness. If you consistently tell yourself that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t do this, that you have to be this way, then you’ll never feel happy about who you are. Instead, you will continue to see your capabilities as being limited and you will feel bad about yourself because of it. However, by changing your self-limiting beliefs to accepting the fact that you are a powerful person with lots of potential, then you will soon find that you are happier and you are attracted to other people more. As your self-limiting beliefs begin to lift, your happiness will follow. It is just a matter of changing the way you talk to yourself rather than the way you tell others.