Ways of Changing Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are just preconceived thoughts about your true reality that normally come from your negative perceptions of past life experiences. To make a concrete difference in your life, you must have as many limiting beliefs as possible. These types of mental states are usually the result of living in a society that is dictated by false beliefs. The majority of people have been conditioned from birth to believe certain things. Many limiting beliefs are actually self-fulfilling prophecy statements. As a matter of fact, you may be limiting your potential and living a life of unfulfilled dreams if you continue to believe these things.

The first step towards changing your limiting beliefs is to identify which of them are hurting you. This will require that you open up and honestly discuss with your subconscious what you believe about yourself, your abilities and your true nature. Once you know what is hurting you, it will be easier to change those limiting beliefs to live a more fulfilled life. You must take conscious steps toward changing your limiting beliefs or else they will consume you like an energy block.

The most common limiting beliefs are: The I can’t do this or I won’t be successful. The I won’t be accepted or my dreams will never be accomplished. I will not have enough money to do or have a great lifestyle. I won’t be able to find the love of my life or get a promotion at work. All of these limiting beliefs can keep you from taking crucial steps in the direction of your dreams.

Relying on your subconscious to keep you stuck in your patterns will not get you anywhere. Using positive affirmations and thoughts along with your actions are the best ways to change limiting beliefs. When you decide to use positive affirmations and thoughts, you could help retrain your subconscious. Positive affirmations and thoughts go directly to the layers of your subconscious where your limiting beliefs reside, making it easier to remove them.

Self-awareness is the process of keeping a constant watch over your thoughts and feelings. You can begin self-awareness by taking a look at your beliefs. Think about the negative connotations that your words and behavior have for you and ask yourself if they are limiting beliefs.

Once you have identified a limiting belief, you can replace it with a more positive belief. For example, if your belief is that you will never make enough money, you can replace that belief with the statement that you will earn enough money to support yourself, keep a comfortable living, and give to charity. By doing this, your subconscious will receive the supportive message that you are not dependent on anyone else and can do the things that you want to do. You will then start to believe that you can do it well.

If you are still unsure about changing your limiting beliefs, you can find out which of your beliefs is limiting yourself by taking an attitude test. You can find many ways of finding your limiting beliefs by using the internet. The only limitation to this method is that it can take some time. You can also get a book that has tips, advice, and techniques on how to change your beliefs. You can even attend seminars or workshops on the subject to understand better what these seminars are all about.

Once you have identified your limiting beliefs, try and replace them with some new ideas. Make sure that you research the process completely and talk to people who have been through it with you. Most importantly, accept any new ideas with a healthy amount of skepticism. Skepticism is the key to developing and maintaining healthy and effective alternate beliefs. If you want to change your beliefs, make sure that you have given them some time to soak in before implementing them into your life. After all, you do not want to be stuck in an uncomfortable belief system for the rest of your life!