What Affects Self-Esteem?

What affects self-esteem, and can it be changed? It is a question that has preoccupied psychologists and psychiatrists for decades. It has been a topic that has divided many of the world’s great minds. In recent years however it has become one of the hottest topics of discussion worldwide. There is a great deal of research being done into this very subject. Several theories have been formulated in order to explain the effects that low self-esteem has on various aspects of our lives.

One theory that has been put forward states that low self-esteem is caused by a lack of a basic fundamental need. This would mean that our sense of self-worth is not sufficient to enable us to enjoy the good things in life. If we are lacking in the ability to be independent, successful, confident and competent then this can affect self-esteem. Another theory relates the effects that low self-esteem has on the body.

When a person lacks self-confidence, they tend to suffer from a variety of physical problems. One of these is that they can suffer from persistent back pain. The lack of confidence that comes with a low self-esteem can also cause them to have a poor posture, which has a negative effect on their general health. All these ailments can result in a reduced quality of life.

Research into what affects self-esteem has found that our sense of self-worth is linked to the amount of physical activity that we get involved in. This means that if we are not as busy as we should be then we are not a happy or satisfied person. How do we know if we are happy and content? We can test our moods by trying to keep to a schedule. If we do not feel like going out then we are not likely to be happy. It may be that we need to make changes to our lifestyle if we are not happy.

The next area that research has been into as to what affects self-esteem is our sense of satisfaction with life. It is thought that low self-esteem can relate to a negative attitude. If we are constantly being told that we are worthless, incompetent, and not good enough then we start to believe it. When we get a real feeling of acceptance though then it helps us to build on our self-esteem. People that are happy are more likely to be happier too.

Some people are extremely sensitive when it comes to other people’s feelings. They can be very hurtful and have negative thoughts. In order for us to avoid having such people around us, we need to make sure that we avoid the causes of their negativity. It may be that we should avoid certain things that they might be upset about.

A good exercise to start with is thinking about why things are as they are. Is there anything that you could do differently? If there is then take the time to find ways to make the change. You may need to delegate some responsibilities so that you are able to spend more time doing things that will make you happy. Once you make the necessary changes in your life, your self-esteem will increase because you are no longer focusing on other people’s problems.

Self-esteem is an important trait to have. It helps us to achieve our goals, find true love, and even to feel comfortable in our own skin. We are all individuals and finding out what affects self-esteem can help us feel better about who we are.

If we watch others, we will notice that some people have a lot more self-esteem than others. Does this mean that they are happier? While it is true that those who are more confident have more happiness in their lives, it does not mean that they are happier. What affects self-esteem is the way we approach life. When we make changes and do things that make us feel good, we automatically increase our self-esteem.

There are things that we do everyday that directly affect our happiness. Daily, we are faced with situations where we have to choose between things that will make us sad or things that will make us happy. When we are faced with these situations, we often have the choice of choosing between the things that will affect our happiness.

When we have the choice between what will make us sad and what will make us happy, we often choose the latter option. We feel bad about the things that are negatively affecting our self-esteem, but we choose to do those things. This is why self-esteem can change quickly and easily when faced with negative things.