What are Assertiveness and How Can It Help Me?

What is assertiveness? It is the ability to become and maintain an assertive role in any social setting. For therapists and assertive people, assertiveness is a way of self-care, an attitude of positive self-image and respect for oneself. In the world of psychotherapy and behavioral counseling, it’s a skill which is a mode of non-verbal communication.

A good example of an assertive relationship is with family and friends. With friends and family, there are shared feelings and experiences that are given and are taken into consideration. However, many times those shared feelings and experiences can lead to reactions that are not satisfying. When those reactions are not taken into consideration, the therapist will learn how to assertively communicate and change the outcome of the interaction.

This is just one example of how assertiveness can be used in all kinds of relationships. If you are feeling frustrated and lash out at your partner, you are using assertive communication. By using this form of communication, you are informing your partner of your need for some space, and that you will not be communicating in the way that he/she wants you to. However, if you are trying to make your spouse feel guilty or depressed, you might be expressing anger in ways that could be problematic. The important thing is to recognize your own behavior patterns, and learn new ways to communicate assertively with your partner.

Assertiveness can help you build up your own self-confidence. When you have low self-confidence, you tend to keep to yourself, and communicate in a very controlled manner. But when you feel yourself starting to fly away from your partner, take a step back and re-establish your self-confidence. By learning a new communication style, you will give your partner a clear glimpse into who you are, and this will help him/her realize that they are not perfect (even though you might feel that way).

How many times have you heard that communication is key to success? And yet, in every business scenario, there is always room for conflict. You can take assertiveness training to help you learn how to communicate more effectively and efficiently with others. By learning to communicate assertively, you will find that the stress levels are reduced, and problems are solved more quickly and with less expense. Plus, you can use your newfound assertiveness skills at work to help you better understand and meet others needs more successfully.

You can practice assertive behavior, even if you are not experiencing any issues currently. Just by changing your behavior you can create a positive change in your relationship with others. What is assertiveness, after all, if not taking control and asserting your rights? If you want to create a more successful and loving relationship, assertiveness is a great way to get started! Learn more about assertiveness and learn how you can practice it in your daily life.