archetypes for Female Characters

Did you know there are seven female archetypes? That is a lot! And just think, if you’re looking for a mate, you could pick up pretty much anybody as an ideal mate, if you know how to use the different archetypes in the right way. Let’s take a look at these seven archetypes and how you can use them to find your perfect mate.

The first one of the seven archetypes is known as the Mother archetype. When you look at the traits of a mother, you’ll notice that most of them involve nurturing, caring and kindness. The mother archetype is most often associated with women and children. You may have a mother in your life, or you may know someone who is a mother. The mother archetype is your best bet in finding your spiritually and emotionally supportive female self.

The second of the seven archetypes we’ll look at is the Adult archetype. Adults are generally confident, self-reliant and ambitious. They don’t rely on other people to provide them with support, nor do they try to be perfect. This means that adult characters are generally great listeners and good listeners are considered the ideal traits of a good character. These are the characteristics you want to see in your female characters.

Next we’ll look at the Child archetype. Children are full of energy and enthusiasm. They are also very vulnerable and emotional. Children can be so loving and caring, but they can also be stubborn and easily annoyed. You need to be able to balance out these traits with your female archetypes to make sure that your character has good qualities in both areas.

One of the most obvious archetypes for women is the Mother. A mother can be nurturing and generous, depending on the mother archetype you choose to play. She may be a single woman or she may have children. A single woman will usually struggle to find her own place in society, but if you include kids in this role you’ll find that your character can have a supporting cast of good female characters that she can be proud of. Look for a good mother character to have a bit of strength and poise.

Another one of the archetypes we’ll look at today is the Nurturing and Protective archetypes. While protective and nurturing are usually associated with nurturing children, sometimes a strong female character can also act as a caring, protective and even romantic figure. This can add a lot of interesting appeal to your character. Some good examples of nurturing and protective female characters include the plucky girl from the Harry Potter books or the strong female characters in some romance novels.

The competent and powerful archetypes have a lot of appeal when it comes to creating female characters. These characters can be hard-working, confident and even a little ambitious. Usually these characters are older and they have some sort of professional background. They have the support of their friends and family to back them up. When playing these archetypal characters, you should try to highlight any important qualities that you can. You can use these qualities to make your character more appealing and believable.

There are so many different archetypes out there that you can play that are interesting and unique. When choosing your character, be sure to highlight any important aspects of your character that you can. Most importantly make sure that you are a good fit for your chosen archetype. Most importantly have fun playing these strong female characters and you’ll discover that the more you play this role, the better you will feel about yourself.