Beauty Journaling

Self limiting beliefs have a tendency to sneak up on us; sometimes they show themselves in subtly different ways. Whether you know what a self limiting belief is or not, you probably have had them at one time or another in your life. You may be wondering how this could happen, but you aren’t alone. Most people have at least one self-limiting belief that they are guilty of. And the sad thing is, they are pretty much right about it.

Many self limiting beliefs are born out of our childhood. For example, many people believe that they will never find another mate because they are considered unattractive. It may come as a big surprise to learn later on, though, that their attractiveness was an illusion and they were actually more self-conscious than they thought. Self limiting beliefs like these usually develop over the course of our childhood. Even if we think that our self-limiting beliefs all pertain to us only in a subconscious level, a conscious limiting belief about beauty can occasionally rear its ugly head at even the most unlikely of times and make matters feel even worse than they really are.

If you have had any self-limiting beliefs as a child, you may have had an experience where you changed your belief system as a result of being criticized or judged negatively. When a person critiques your belief system, you are likely to question whether your new belief is actually true or if you are simply making yourself feel bad for having changed your old beliefs. In these cases, you are likely to have yet another new belief to reinforce once you have fully changed your original belief. This cycle continues until, sooner or later, you find yourself questioning your original new belief.

Over time, our self-limiting beliefs can become self-serving and control us rather than keeping us safe. It becomes almost impossible to change them and when they are part of our daily habits, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them altogether. If you continue to hold old beliefs about beauty around you, no matter what those beliefs may be, it will be nearly impossible for you to keep the opinions going within your head unless you are willing to act on them. You are going to have to make a hard choice and commit to changing your self-limiting beliefs about beauty.

The first step towards changing your self-limiting beliefs about beauty is to recognize that they are not actually true. In order to do this, you have to step back from the emotions of how you are feeling and look at the evidence of what you are thinking. Look at the evidence objectively without emotion and make a decision on whether your emotions are helping you learn or hurting you. If your emotions are actually helping you learn, then your self-limiting beliefs about beauty can be changed. If your emotions are hurting you, then your self-limiting beliefs about beauty will not help you.

Once you realize that your self-limiting beliefs are not actually true, the next step is to find some journaling tools that are designed to help you write out your thoughts. I know this sounds bizarre but there are many books available that will help you do just this. Once you have found some Journaling tools, begin to write down the beauty thoughts that enter your mind on a daily basis. It will be important that you keep the journal for a long period of time because you do not want to let any of your limiting beliefs become ingrained into your subconscious mind. Keep track of the beauty thoughts that you have everyday in a notebook. As you continue with this process, eventually all of your negative self limiting beliefs will be erased from your subconscious mind.