Break the Cycle of Self-Limiting Beliefs

If you have self-limiting beliefs, you have placed a mental roadblock in front of yourself that will prevent you from reaching your full potential. Self limiting beliefs can hold you back from becoming, well, who you really are. By limiting yourself with false thoughts you will forever remain in a sub-standard situation. You have all the tools you need to reach your goals, but you need to understand how they tie in with your subconscious programming and begin to break free from their hold.

Self limiting beliefs come from a variety of sources, but they are mostly rooted in your past. Whether they are of recent vintage, or they are part of a long-standing habit, you need to begin the process of unleashing your mind by replacing these old limiting beliefs with new beliefs that put you on the road to success. Here are just a few:

o Fear of the unknown: If you fear the unknown you will never know if you are heading in the right direction. There is always some sort of Unknown that wants to get in your way, and it’s up to you to put up a fight. Your self-limiting beliefs about the potential outcome of any situation hold you back from doing the things that would set you free. Replace these limiting beliefs with the belief that you can’t lose and you will follow your blissfully ignorant beliefs out of fear.

o Fear of change: Anytime you have a self-limiting belief, it’s because you are programmed to think in terms of the past. You were probably raised in a home where your parents set you up for failure. You are programmed to believe that there are only certain things in life that you can do and nothing else. This means that you are stuck in a loop of repeating the same mistakes over again. A new belief would be that you don’t have to repeat yourself or allow others to repeat you. Instead, find a new limiting belief and replace it with a new one that says, “I can do anything I want.”

o Guilt: Self-limiting beliefs about yourself include the false belief that you are worthless. The belief in this sentence is no true. The truth is that you were born a great person, so don’t stop growing. Also, if you are feeling bad because something happened to make you feel bad, then you have a self-limiting belief about your worth as a human being. Replace this thought with, “I’m worthy of love and my good enough.”

o Blaming others: Self-limiting beliefs about yourself include the common limiting belief that you are to blame for what is not working for you. You are either a dumb or lazy person. You are not smart enough to be successful without doing something stupid, so don’t blame other people. Replace this belief with, “I am smart enough to know that things will not work out for me, but I am smart enough to take action and do what must be done to get the results I want.”