Female Archetypes

archetypes are the images and symbols that represent a particular quality or characteristic about a person. These qualities are universal and are often found in all people; however, there is a great variation in archetypes among different races and ethnicities. It’s believed that all of us possess many archetypes that determine the direction our lives will take. archetypes are a source of strength and inspiration; these images help us to keep going when things get hard or we may find ourselves reaching a wall. As we look closer into these archetypes, they reveal secrets about our inner being and what it takes to move forward in our lives. Here are just a few archetypes:

Mother Nature; this archetypal creature has been around since time immemorial. Women all over the world are drawn to her powerful energy. When looking at a mother nature, it’s important to remember that she is always protecting and looking after those who need her; she always places them first in her plans and actions. It’s important to remember that every mother has a different strategy for doing things; she has her own set of archetypes and will use them to guide you, as well.

Fairies; these archetypes are associated with youthfulness, playfulness, and creativity. They are also connected to magical powers and the good fairy can sometimes get you ahead of the game. When using these archetypes, remember that you are at an age where you should be enjoying life; fairy tales are meant to be fun, after all.

Child; this is the one that everyone connects with. Our childhood represents the playful time in our lives. The child in us wants to be free and have as much fun as possible. When we are happy and having fun, we become more open and honest with ourselves. We are more receptive to the ideas and suggestions of the spirit world, and we become more open to learning and growing.

Goddess; we are made up of Goddess energy. We have many different aspects of the Goddess energy within us, some of which are playful, some of which are nurturing. If we are nurtured properly by our family, friends, and society, we become more nurturing and responsible; qualities that are great to have as we grow older. We also become more attune to the world around us, and we learn to respect all life.

Queen; the Queen is always the symbol of wisdom, authority, and respect. She is the epitome of what we want to be. When the Queen is displayed in public, people always take notice. She is the symbol of self-confidence and independence. In our daily lives, we recognize the Queen as the head of our household; we recognize the Queen when we need to have something done immediately.

Scout; the scout is a bit on the tricky side; often misunderstood. When portrayed in movies and television shows, the scout is typically depicted as being very outgoing and having a carefree attitude. In reality, the scout is very shy; she may have a difficult time speaking in front of a crowd. However, if the scout character is portrayed in a sensitive light, the audience will usually recognize the difficulty she has faced her circumstance in life.

Maid; in Greek mythology, the maid was a deity who was very closely tied to the Mother Nature. She was responsible for childbirth in the Greek world. A good example of this archetypal role is provided by the Virgin Mary. She was the ancient Mother Nature; and the archetypal symbol of motherhood is seen in the Virgin child. We use the image of the Virgin to represent the attributes of being a good mother; and the Virgin Mary is a good example of how archetypes can help us grow.