Female Archetypes in Fiction

The female archetypes can be quite different depending on who you look at them as. Many people have a perception of what a woman is capable of doing in life. They have a clear idea of what she is good at and what she is not good at. When it comes to the female archetypes though, these notions can be very fluid and change from person to person. Here are some of the most common archetypes shared by women.

The mother archetype is one of the most archetypal images of all women. Most people have an image of a mother in their mind, especially a mom or Aunt Edna. Most people have a clear picture of what a mother is like, especially a stay at home mother or a mother who stays at home most of the time. The mother archetype includes nurturing, emotional support, patience, listening, empathy, unconditional love, sharing, looking out for the well-being of others, accepting and loving children, caring and understanding. This is one of the most archetypal roles for a woman and it is almost always played by a woman.

Another of the female archetypes is the nurturer. These archetypal characters provide emotional support and are caring and loving. They provide security, love and understanding and can add charm and confidence to a person. Some of the most prominent nurturers include Aunt Edna, Mom, and Dottie. There are many female characters that have qualities of this archetype and including; Florence Nightingale, Cleopatra, Sappho, Mother hen, and Mother Agnes.

The plucky girl is also another common archetypal female character and can be identified as strong female characters that have a strong sense of determination and an indomitable spirit. The plucky girl may have strong fantasies of glory, money and romance. She may be a determined fighter or she may have a heart of gold. Female archetypes of the plucky girl include Bridget Jones, Cinderella, Snow White, The Princess, and The Mouse.

The confident and competent female characters are also strong archetypal characters. Examples of these strong female characters include Anna Karenow, Hanrahan, The Boss, Cerina, Bridesmaid, Willow, and many more. Strong and confident female characters in fiction are often the protagonist and they have powerful, unrelenting emotions. Some of the most popular strong female characters include Bridget Jones, Hermione Granger, Princess Leia, Superwoman, and Bridget Magee.

Another archetypal trait that represents many strong and capable women is perfection. In fiction, the perfect and powerful female characters are often the princess or the heroine. They have an eye for detail and are experts at many things. Perfect and strong archetypal traits include Snow White, The Princess, Cinderella, Megatron, Theoling, and many more.

Finally, strong and capable characters are emotionally intense and they can overcome great adversity. These characters have clear goals and they know how to reach them. This type of strong female character is strong willed and has a hardworking attitude. Examples of these strong characters include Cerina, Megatron, Willow, Pearl, Bridget Jones, and The Matrix. In general, these strong and capable women have an abundance of emotional depth and they are capable of building and supporting their lives.

Female archetypes can be one of several positive personality types or they can represent an underlying, deep-seated need that is not readily apparent. The strong personality type archetypes can also display courage and action. Sometimes, the archetypes represent two or more different personality types. A character who exemplifies all of these traits is a strong character worthy of a hero or heroine.

When it comes to creating strong characters, there are many things to keep in mind. The first thing is to identify which strong archetypes you want your hero or heroine to embody. It may be a specific talent like eye-hand coordination, physical strength, or strong mental abilities. It might also be an aspect of a character’s history like a tragic flaw or a lifelong struggle.

Once you have decided on which archetypes you would like your hero or heroine to embody, make sure that your story features at least one strong character who displays at least one of these archetypes. For example, if you are writing a story about a young girl who is weak but strong willed, make sure that your hero is very strong in spirit as well. Strong female characters can be physically powerful and emotionally strong. Strong characters who are also sensitive and who possess great moral fiber are also strong characters. However, these types of strong women need not necessarily be blonde, thin and with perfect facial features.

Instead, strong characters could be college-going housewives, mothers, professional career women, or strong characters in other genres. Remember that a character’s strengths are often their greatest weakness, so make sure that you highlight that in your story. Likewise, do not shy away from writing very strong female characters because you are afraid that your readers will only like your hero if he or she has a lot of power. A good character is believable; therefore, having a strong female protagonist is not a drawback. Instead, having such a character adds to the richness of your tale and makes the adventure more meaningful.