Female Archetypes – What Do They Symbolize?

The most popular female archetypes aren’t based on what your parents do, your age or socioeconomic status. They are based instead on where you derive your inner self-esteem from. Each archetypal is an individual vortex of shadow and positive qualities. You can decide which archetypes apply to you depending on which traits you find the most appealing. If you want to get rid of some bad habits, you may want to work with one of these archetypes.

If you love your mother, then you will be drawn to the archetypal mother archetype. Just as you look to your mother for approval and understanding, so does your mother look to you for guidance and understanding. Your mother has always been there for you when you needed her, regardless of what you did or didn’t do. If you have always taken care of and loved your mother, then your mother has many archetypes associated with her. This is one of the most popular female character archetypes.

If you are looking for your place in the sun, then you will be drawn to the sun woman archetype. The rising sun is your symbol of light and warmth, your birthright. As a girl, you already have the skills and beauty you were made with. The rising sun represents your ability to shine and be noticed. By using your talents to the fullest, you will become a true star.

If you are strong and successful, then you will be drawn to the fire woman archetype. These are usually portrayed as strong, sexy, independent women who love to lead. They have great leaders and are generally very good at running things. Most good female characters in fiction are fierce and have the strength and courage to overcome their male counterparts.

You may also be drawn to the water woman archetype. These are almost always shown as sexy and strong, but also fragile at the same time. This is an essential part of the water archetype in any story. This makes them appeal to almost every girl. Because they need to be protected and supported at the same time, they aren’t usually the strong and silent type of archetypal female. Water archetypes in fiction are generally very good at saving the day, although this isn’t always the case.

Then, there are the fairies, which almost always come with some kind of magical or mystical powers. Fairies have a desire to give unconditional love and have a strong sense of belief in the “bigger” things in life. A fairy is a wonderful character because everyone wants to be around someone like that, especially a child.

The motherly figure is another strong archetypal female and usually a loving, protective, and nurturing one. The motherly character is the ideal female to bring up children and protect them at the same time. Being a mother represents the journey of life and it can be a lonely place to be, so the motherly character has to have a lot of inner strength and confidence to overcome the difficulties of raising children.

Finally, there are the wise female characters, which have a lot of inner wisdom and are full of knowledge about many different subjects. They are usually quite caring and supportive, but still have to be protected by men sometimes. These are strong and self-assured characters that represent the ideal female persona.

This brings us to one of the more interesting archetypes… The Strong Female. This archetype is almost always represented by someone who is strongly independent and has a very strong sense of herself. Her values and beliefs may be conflicting and she may be a classic example of strength and independence. However, this person is also very nurturing, probably because of her strong family values. She is protecting what she believes in at any cost, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

Another strong archetypal female is the mother. As mothers, they are very protective and caring, but they also have a nurturing side and can be sensitive and sympathetic. This can be a great role as a mom, since many mothers have to raise children by themselves for most of their lives. It gives them plenty of experiences to draw from as they play out their own individual characteristics in different roles throughout their lives.

The last of these archetypes we’ll discuss is the Princess. This is the perfect archetypal woman. She’s the classic symbol of purity and innocence. She’s usually represented by a white stallion or by the purity of snow. To the other side, she may represent a weak and submissive woman, usually depicted by a pink flower or by a damsel in distress. She represents a girl who is innocent and pure.