Four Female Archetypes – The Wild Woman, the Fertile Maid, the Wise and Beautiful Woman

There are several archetypal female archetypes to discuss in different ways, but in the four of us that like to focus on these at the same time, we will be focusing on the four female archetypes, namely the Maiden, the Mother, the Scarecrow or the Oracle or the Fortuna. The first one is what is known in our world as the “Maiden”. The other three that we are going to mention are the Mother, the Fortuna and the Scarecrow.

This article will focus on the Fairy or the Maiden. Each of the four phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle is associated with a different fairy or maid. For example, during the time of the Fairy the woman is protected by the Sun and therefore she is in the feminine energy stage. When this time comes along, she is ready to begin her next cycle and return to the protection of the Sun.

Let’s start with the fairy archetype; this one may be the most popular of all the four female archetypes. She represents the hopeful and cheerful sides of life. Her pleasant disposition is often caused by the material things that she likes, such as clothes and jewelry. She is usually the proverbial beauty within the frame of mind or the girl next door. However, for this archetype to fully come into existence you need to have a good fairy-haunted home.

Let us now look at the mother archetype. This one is about nurturing. The mother is there to take care of her children through any means necessary. She is the purest of all the feminine archetypes because she is loyal to her family and home. She is the protector and the rescuer of those being mistreated by others.

Next on our list is the Plucky Girl. This one is almost like the fairy-haunted woman but has a little more of a physical presence. This is the motherly figure we are familiar with. She can also be the strong independent woman we sometimes see. This is the female archetypes representation of strength and womanhood.

As each of these four female archetypes cycle they go through different stages. You can see each cycle beginning with the mother and moving toward the other two. When the feminine energy reaches its peak and the full moon is upon the earth, we will see the completion of one cycle and the birth of another. We are always playing with our feminine energy and it is up to us to help guide the development of our feminine energy.

If you would like to play along with the game, you might want to think of your own personal archetypes and determine if any of them fit your own personality and characteristics. When you get an idea in your mind about which type of female archetypes that you would like to represent, write it down on a piece of paper. Then, incorporate it into your personality so that it is present in all areas of your thought process.

Each of the four archetypes – the wild woman, the fertile maid, the wise and beautiful woman, and the enchantress – has four distinct phases during each of their cycles. Think about how each of these archetypes feels and what advice or lessons you might need to learn during each of the phases. Each of these archetypes has its own lesson to teach you. When you discover which of these archetypes you are most closely aligned to, then you will be ready to move into the next step of your personal development.