How Journaling Helps You To Challenge Self Limiting Beliefs

One of the most powerful tools to use in manifesting is to develop self-limiting beliefs. They hold you back from reaching your true potential and hinder you from achieving success. There are three that I would like to identify and discuss with you. The first one is: “I can’t have enough.” Here is where most people fail when it comes to manifesting success and wealth.

The second most common self-limiting beliefs are: “I don’t have the right skills/ability/ability” to do this/that. This is where most people fail when it comes to manifesting their dreams. You need to believe in yourself, your capabilities and your ability to achieve. If you start focusing on what you don’t have instead of what you do have this will create a new belief that you have to focus on your lack of ability instead of your ability to have.

The third self-limiting belief is: “Money will just come in”. This is where people fail time again. It is very easy to attract money into your life but it is very hard to keep it out. Your emotions have a lot to do with this. If you have a strong negative emotional reaction towards money then your limiting beliefs about money will be very powerful and you won’t be able to attract anything in this area.

Here’s what you can do to help you get beyond your self-limiting beliefs about money and find success: Whenever you feel bad about yourself and negative about the money this is a sign that you haven’t found another way to attract the things that you want. Most people only focus on their lack of money or they focus on their scarcity. They don’t focus on their abundance because they are focusing on their lack of it. When you change your focus to seeing the abundance around you then you will soon start attracting more money and more abundance.

Here’s what you do to keep us from being limited by our self-limiting beliefs about ourselves: We all have special talents. We all have very specific gifts that are uniquely ours. You don’t know how other people are different from you so you are afraid of becoming like them. That fear keeps us from getting what we really want. You can learn how to attract what you really want through self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and visualization.

When you use journaling to help you keep track of your thoughts and feelings you also increase your awareness of your subconscious mind. You must first believe that you have a subconscious mind because your conscious mind is filled with all kinds of thoughts and perceptions. Once you discover your inner self then you can work with it to achieve whatever you desire. Here’s how journaling helps you keep your self-limiting beliefs in check:

Journaling keeps you honest. It is one way that you can keep yourself motivated to make the necessary changes if you need to. When you start keeping a journal, you will see all kinds of different ways that your self-limiting beliefs are affecting you. Sometimes you will feel like writing is a way that you can vent out your emotions. You may be surprised at how those negative feelings and thoughts will actually make you feel better.

If you want to change your life you have to challenge those self-limiting beliefs. You don’t have to keep railing against them because you will only do more harm. Instead, challenge them and see how strong they are. As you become stronger you will feel empowered.