Self Improvement – Limiting Beliefs Around Yourself And Everyone Else

Limiting beliefs are nothing but assumptions about life experiences that often come out of our own perceptions of the world. They are very common and perhaps you have already held a few. For example, some people believe that they cannot get promoted in the office because they have a bad last name. Or some may think that they won’t find happiness in their jobs because they are overweight or have had a series of unhappy relationships. These limiting beliefs can prevent us from experiencing life to its fullest.

As a coach, I have seen many clients over time that have had these limiting beliefs and were never able to let go of them. As a coach, I am aware of how limiting beliefs can keep people back from being the best they can be. As a coach, I will challenge these limiting beliefs and help the client to develop new beliefs that support them and make them feel good about themselves. As they progress with this, they will discover more reasons as to why they have limited beliefs. As they help the client to remove these beliefs, they will be able to embrace greater levels of success in their lives.

In order for clients to truly become free and clear, it is vital that we give them the tools to be able to identify and release limiting beliefs. One way to do this is through developing a “safe little hole”. You may have heard of this before and if so, you already know what it is. It is an easy little concept. The safe little hole is a metaphor that represents the inner space that we hide away from life’s problems and difficulties. It may be related to a place that we call a sanctuary or a place that we feel safe and secure.

For instance, if you have been told over again that you are not good enough, you may have developed a “fixed set of beliefs around that particular belief”. It is this fixed set of beliefs around a particular negative self-talk that prevents you from getting to where you really want to be in your life. This is where the “safe little hole” comes into play.

With a “safe little hole”, the coach will create an environment or scenario that allows the client to see and experience what it feels like to have all the good things that they want in their life. The coach will take the client into this inner space and show them how to experience all the wonderful inner peace, contentment, and sense of security that comes with having all the good things in their life. As they get into this state, they will begin to notice all the new people that they begin to come into contact with. They will be amazed at how nice and easy it is to make new friends and to make new connections. They will also be amazed at how quickly their limiting beliefs around themselves and around other people melt away.

As they begin to experience all of these wonderful new things, the clients may feel overwhelmed by all the good things that have happened to them. In order to prevent themselves from regressing back to their limiting beliefs around themselves and around other people, they must learn to relax and to let go of any lingering feelings of “not good enough”. Once this happens, it is much easier for the coach to get the client to trust and open themselves up to the wonderful world that is opening up before them. It is during this period of letting go and opening up where the coach will begin to help the person create new beliefs, new behaviors, and new ways of thinking and living which will enable them to experience prosperity in every aspect of their lives.