How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

We tend to be the most self-limited of all people. This is why we tend to be so insecure and unhappy with our bodies and what we are. We want to change those limiting beliefs about ourselves. If you think you have them, then here are 4 self limiting beliefs you can work on to change them for good. These are beliefs about your appearance, intelligence, age, weight, ability to get out of bed in the morning and more.

The first self-limiting belief is that you aren’t pretty or handsome enough. This is a belief about yourself that is very hard to change. This is mostly a belief about your looks in the eyes of others. You may be pretty and there are plenty of people out there who aren’t so attractive. Changing this belief is going to take a lot of time and it is something that must be worked on every day until it is truly gone.

The second self limiting beliefs are about your weight. You may be overweight and this is a very important part of how you see yourself. Some people feel like they are fat or that they shouldn’t be eating so much. They feel very self-conscious about this. Changing these types of limiting beliefs will take some soul searching and will be quite an adjustment to make.

Another common self-limiting beliefs is that you are not pretty enough to get out of bed in the morning. These are beliefs that are not based in reality. You don’t have to be beautiful to be able to get out of bed in the morning. You also don’t have to be pretty enough to have a great job or to be smart enough to get the best job. These self-limiting beliefs originate from your subconscious mind and need to be erased.

The third self limiting belief is that you can’t do anything right. This is also a very limiting belief. If you believe you can’t do something then it will become something that is impossible.

The fourth self limiting belief is that you will never be accepted by others. You don’t want to be labeled as a quitter or as someone who cannot take it. By changing these beliefs you can change your life and even the way you feel about yourself. If you believe that you will never be accepted by anyone it will become a fact and this will make it much more difficult for you to achieve the new belief.

The fifth self-limiting beliefs is that I am a smart enough person to handle what I am doing. If you believe this, you will not be motivated to achieve your goals. By changing these you can easily motivate yourself to do the things needed to reach your goals.

By changing your self-limiting beliefs you can feel like a completely different person in many different ways. Not only will you be motivated to achieve your goals but your entire life will be changed for the better as a result. It can take some time to accomplish these beliefs but if you have patience and continue to work on them, you can get there faster than you think. When you are motivated to do the things you need to achieve your goals don’t let the negative aspects of your current beliefs discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

Another thing you should know is that everyone has different limiting beliefs. Some people are smart enough to see that they have self-limiting beliefs, but they are not motivated to change them. They may feel like their situation is permanent so they will not be able to make any changes. You will have to get rid of these negative thoughts in order to succeed in your goals. You won’t be able to achieve anything worthwhile if you have these feelings.

The best method to remove these self-limiting beliefs is to use self-help methods. This can include cognitive therapy, learning new attitudes, visualization exercises, and even positive affirmations. By using the same method for all your different projects you can increase your chances of success dramatically. By getting to the root of the problem you will be able to eliminate the belief and use a different one. You just have to be persistent with your projects.

Another way to overcome a self limiting belief is to get an exercise or sport that you really enjoy doing. By having this as your main source of mental strength you will find it much easier to focus on your projects. Just getting out there and doing something doesn’t seem like such a big task when your mind is focusing on your current activity. By forcing yourself to do something you really love you are making a positive step towards changing your life and overcoming your negative belief.