Is Self-Esteem Or Ego More Important?

This is the age of ego and self-esteem. In our present period, we are living in a high-stimulation society. Everything revolves around the self, which is why self-esteem and self-confidence have become very important. The question that one has to ask oneself is: where do we stand psychologically in this high-stimulation society?

It would be easy for one to imagine what happens in such a society. When people feel insecure they turn to others for help; they turn to authority figures for validation. In return, the people who provide such validation become their role models, and they are inspired to be like them. Those who lack in self-esteem and self-confidence cannot see any difference between themselves and those who excel in the high-stimulation society.

Those who understand that there is a big difference between the self and the background in which one exists, however, can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They know that to feel good about themselves, they need to stop comparing themselves to others; and they need to get rid of any unhealthy role models that may have tempted them in the past. When one makes the decision to build a healthy self, then that individual is prepared to embark on the journey toward realizing personal greatness. There is nothing more difficult than this than facing the unknown.

One has to make the choice to look at the self-esteem or the ego in different ways. At first glance, it would seem as though they are identical, but when you examine the differences, you will see that the ego is the root of all evil. Ego causes the mind to imagine a world in which there is no difference between oneself and others. The only world that matters is the one the self created for them, the one they imagine is full of endless riches, perfectly matched to their nature, with no struggles, no worries, and no disappointments.

But is this the world that anyone should live in? I do not think so; and this is precisely why I have been able to overcome my issues with low self-esteem. I have learned to trust myself enough to be content with the results of my own actions; and I have learned to appreciate the fact that there are those who will help me reach my potential. This does not mean that others have no place in my life, no matter how big or small. But for me, the answer is no.

Therefore, we have to come to the realization that there is a world of difference between a self-esteem vs. ego analysis. One may make an extremely positive comment about someone else or something. One might even state that the person has an abundance of character, which one considers to be superior to others. In either case, one has little to no room for improvement, unless one is willing to give up everything for the sake of self-esteem. A better question might be: Have you ever had anyone tell you that you have little to no room for improvement, without offering you the ability to improve anything? If the answer is no, this should tell us that the source of the comment is not one’s self-esteem vs. ego.

What people believe about themselves usually effects their relationships and their lives. Those who do not place high self-esteem or ego into their actions or opinions will generally be on the same level as those who place such high value on their self-esteem. Those who place a greater emphasis on both will tend to act more like oneself than those who place lesser emphasis. It will be hard sometimes to find contrasts between these two extremes; but it is not impossible.

So, if it is not self-esteem vs. ego, what is it? In most cases, one’s success in life depends a great deal on both. One can strive for great success and lack the self-esteem or ego to push through obstacles and live life successfully. The same is true in the opposite situation. One person can have a strong sense of self-esteem and motivation to pursue whatever they want, but this can be difficult when this person lacks the motivation or energy to actually make any progress towards this goal. This is why often times it is best to combine the two in order to achieve a balanced and successful life.