Limiting Beliefs Around Money – A Foolproof Method to Success!

Limiting beliefs can greatly limit a person’s ability to achieve their goals. For example, limiting beliefs about money might prevent someone with the wrong beliefs from succeeding in their business or other endeavors. If you hold a limiting belief about money, then there is a good chance that you are not receiving the finances or benefits from your efforts. However, if you harbor a number of limiting beliefs about money, then this could also make it very difficult to receive financial support for your ventures. If you want to use money or wealth affirmations to increase your wealth, then you must learn how to deal with these limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs about yourself are often unconscious and have a detrimental effect on your personal traits and actions. They tend to interfere with you achieve your goals by blocking you from moving forward and progressing on a personal and career level. In many instances, limiting beliefs around money are unconscious beliefs that serve as a defense mechanism against low or potential financial emotions (e.g., stress) that could otherwise inhibit your success. These emotions can include embarrassment, fear, jealousy or negativity. If you are consciously aware of these emotions, however, you can work to dissolve them and improve your beliefs around money.

Many limiting beliefs around money are also related to personal traits. One of the major issues you will face if you have these is being too smart, educated or successful. People with these beliefs may be incapable of ever making enough money to support themselves, much less investing in a venture. The implication here is that they are not smart enough to do anything, therefore, they never make enough money. While this can certainly be an issue for individuals with high educational levels and/or successful careers, it can also impact people who possess these characteristics but are not financially successful.

Many of our self-limiting beliefs about money are also related to our beliefs about ourselves. For example, many of us hold beliefs that are self-defeating and unhealthy, such as that we need a lot of money to achieve success or that we deserve all the money we’ve earned. We also have the belief that a large amount of money will make us happy. Both of these self-defeating beliefs can hold us back from pursuing our dreams and our true path in life.

When you examine what causes people to form self-defeating and limiting beliefs around money, you will often find that these are rooted in our childhood experiences. For instance, many young children learn from their parents that they should only get gifts that are useful to them. They are taught that they should not want to buy things that they are not capable of using or even that they should not even bother to try and get something that they would buy. Because of these early limiting beliefs, when they get into adulthood they are unable to live by those values. People who continually suffer from limiting beliefs around money never find financial success.

Our childhood conditioning also causes us to believe that our wants are more important than our needs. It is extremely difficult to get what we want when our needs are only likely to get smaller. This belief keeps us back from pursuing our goals and makes achieving those goals more challenging. Once we understand how limiting beliefs around money keep us from living the life we truly deserve we can work to eliminate them.

The first step in removing a limiting belief around money is to confront it directly. If your parents, siblings, or friends told you that you were worthless, tell them that this is not true. Explain that you know you are valuable and give them the reasons why you feel that way. If your parent or friend tried to defend their belief by telling you that you need to earn more money or that you are not good enough for anything, tell them that again that this is not true. Show them that you have options available to you and that you will not allow their limiting beliefs to stop you from achieving your goals. Once you begin to change the way you think about money, you will begin to experience a new kind of happiness.

Remember that although your initial attempts to remove your limiting beliefs may not work immediately, you should not give up until you have fully exhausted all possible alternatives. Even if your initial attempts do not work, do not give up. Removing a belief is an ongoing process. You can remove a limiting belief by consciously believing that it is not true, or by consciously choosing to believe it is true.