Limiting Beliefs Around Money & Other Areas of Your Life

Limiting beliefs are nothing but assumptions about life experiences which result from your inaccurate perceptions of life events. You must first have as many accurate beliefs as possible in order for any action to have an optimal outcome. As a matter of fact, if you limit beliefs it is nearly impossible to achieve goals or even to get through life as smoothly as possible. There are several limiting beliefs that most people hold about themselves, others, life or things. People have variously held various limiting beliefs throughout their lives. You may be unsure just what these may be, but one thing is certain: Any belief that is holding you back is limiting you.

One example of a limiting belief is this: I am helpless and can’t do anything. This limiting belief is a result of a faulty understanding of your abilities. While it certainly isn’t possible to become helpless, it is very easy to convince yourself that you are so inadequate that no one will ever help you. Once you have convinced yourself of this self-defeating line of thinking, it is very easy to give up on your own ability to do anything, and this often results in a wallowing in self-pity or even depression.

The solution, as suggested by the author of the article, is to test out your limiting beliefs around a number of things. This allows you to identify the beliefs you cling to most strongly and to go back and remove them from your thinking pattern. What usually happens when we remove these limiting beliefs around something is that we move ourselves away from it.

For instance, one of my own limiting beliefs was that I was not a good enough mother. To remove this belief I had to evaluate my own behavior towards motherhood. Instead of holding myself responsible for never giving enough love to my children, I had to accept that bad parenting is part of life and that I could not change that. After doing this, I was able to remove the limiting beliefs around motherhood and move onto other important areas of my life such as career and family.

Another example of removing a limiting belief is one around money. Most people seem to think that they are unloved because they are not happy with the amount of money they earn. However, it is not true that the more money you earn the happier you are. All it means is that your limiting beliefs around money are causing you to feel unhappy about the money you do have – until you find out how you can enhance your situation with money.

Here’s the key: if you want to remove self-limiting beliefs around money then you need to be willing to look at the opposite of that belief. It is possible to build a new belief that says that you deserve all the money you can have. This new belief will help you to keep us motivated towards reaching our goals so that we don’t ever feel deprived or angry about the amount of money we have. By changing the way you think about money you are able to change the way you feel about it too!

So what are some of the other limiting beliefs around money that we may hold? One of them is that we believe that we are not good enough, smart enough or capable enough to achieve anything. Another belief is that we believe that we need a bigger income or a better job. The problem with these beliefs is that they prevent us from seeing opportunities that are in front of us. We need to realise that the real world doesn’t care how many times we have been to college or how much we have earned, the reality is that unless we start to see the opportunities in front of us we will never know whether we can achieve something or not.

Limiting beliefs around money and other important areas of your life need to be replaced with new ideas and beliefs. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life hiding behind a belief, instead challenge it and start using it to create the life you really want. Every time you come across a limiting belief let go of it and replace it with another belief. Make sure you believe that it is possible to achieve what you want to achieve. Even recognizing that there is room for improvement is a huge step forward!