Self Limiting Beliefs – How to Break Them

Self limiting beliefs about yourself are extremely damaging to your success. If you are a person who thinks “I can’t” do something, then you probably won’t. You’ve all heard the statements “If you think you can’t achieve it then it’s not possible” and “A man’s got to earn what he wants”. People with self-limiting beliefs about themselves feel they can’t achieve anything because of these limiting beliefs. “I can’t” and “Money doesn’t matter to me” types of thinking have an enormous impact on their self-image.

Self limiting beliefs about yourself can be broken down into two main categories. The first category is the belief that I can’t do or have something. This belief is called a self-limiting belief. In this case no matter what you try or how hard you try things will still go wrong. The second category is the belief that money matters less than others so I should focus more on getting rich rather than doing the important things.

When you break these self-limiting beliefs, you can start to develop a new belief. This new belief is called a Self-limiting belief. It’s like having the old beliefs about yourself replaced with a new belief, “You can” do things. So, if you have the old belief, “I can’t” then your new belief is “You can” so that’s a new self limiting belief. When you have both new beliefs then you will have the ability to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

So how do we break these self-limiting beliefs? The first thing we need to do is keep focused on our goals. It is very easy to slip into saying things like “I’m not smart enough to start my own business” or “I’m not good enough to start my own business” and this is something we all do. We are in fact human and we all have these flaws in us. You need to keep focused on what it is you are trying to accomplish in life.

You also want to stay away from negative emotions when you are trying to accomplish something. We get wrapped up in negative emotions when we are working toward achieving something and it’s very easy for us to say and do the wrong things because of the emotions we are experiencing. So the best way to keep ourselves from doing the wrong thing is to avoid the emotion or state of mind we are going to be experiencing. If you want to break your self-limiting beliefs you need to do this.

Another thing you can do to break your self-limiting beliefs is to set an expectancy of success for yourself. You might say something like “if I am to make a million dollars I will need to make ten sales.” If you set a goal like that you are less likely to do the wrong thing because you now know that you can do the right thing.