Limiting Beliefs Examples

Self-limiting beliefs can affect many areas of your life and stop you by living life you want.


A wide variety of limiting beliefs are faced by everyone at some point in their lives. If these limiting beliefs are allowed to take control, the person can feel hopeless, lost, and alone. Limiting beliefs are also the result of prior experiences in life, from early childhood and from relationships with significant others. These limiting beliefs often build on the negative ones that have come into your life from your youth and through your adult years.

In order to understand how to begin changing a self-limiting or self-defeating belief pattern, you first need to gain an understanding of what causes such belief patterns. This is a process that will take time and requires patience and commitment. It is important to note that many of the things that we believe about ourselves do not originate from any kind of mental or emotional problem in us. Rather, these beliefs are a result of what society labels as bad or good.

The process of removing self-limiting beliefs will require you to make an honest effort to question everything that you think, argue with everything that you feel, and look at everything in a dispassionate way. This will require you to open up to your own feelings and to really hear the voice of your heart. Once you have opened yourself to this dialogue, the challenge is to then find a way to disagree with your own opinion to such a degree where the two views are 180 degrees opposite each other. Only then can your ideas begin to shift and change into self-benefiting and life-changing beliefs.

Limiting beliefs affect different areas of your life

You may not be even aware of how many limiting beliefs you have.  They keep you from seeing all of the possibilities for yourself in the world and may influence your work, your relationship, your finances, your health, and even your self-worth.  Below you can find the most popular beliefs in different life areas.

Limiting beliefs about the relationship 

  1. I need someone to complete me.
  2. Without the partner, I am not worthy.
  3. I am not enough on my own.
  4. I need someone in my life at all times.
  5. I need someone to take care of me.
  6. I need someone to take care of to make me feel useful
  7. Life without family is not complete.
  8. My relationships never work out.
  9. All the good ones are taken. 
  10. I will never find love.
  11. No one wants me.
  12. I always get hurt (or betrayed).
  13. I am always rejected.
  14. Real love does not exist.
  15. I have to do what my parents/family say.

Limiting beliefs about the work

  1. Everybody else is better than me.
  2. Who would want to hire me?
  3. Everyone else gets good jobs.
  4. I will never find the right job I like
  5. I have no special strengths.
  6. I will never get a raise/promotion as a woman
  7. I don’t have enough experience.
  8. I am not worthy of the promotion
  9. You can only get a promotion if you sleep with the boss
  10. No one appreciates me.
  11. Everyone expects too much of me.
  12. My opinion is not important 
  13. It’s impossible to make money doing what you love.
  14. My co-workers do not like me
  15. I can’t be trusted with responsibility.

Limiting beliefs about money

  1. I am bad with money.
  2. I will never make enough money to support my family.
  3. I just don’t know how to manage money
  4. Money can’t come to me easily.
  5. Money is the root of all evil
  6. Money doesn’t grow on trees
  7. I simply cannot save money
  8. Money is made to be spent!
  9. To earn money, I have to work very hard.
  10.  If I had a better education, I could earn more money.
  11. I have to protect what I’ve got because there just isn’t enough.
  12. You can’t trust someone who has a lot of money.
  13. Money just doesn’t matter that much to me. I don’t need it!
  14. We/I will never be rich.
  15. Rich people are bad people.
  16.  Money turns people rotten.
  17. Money can’t buy happiness

Limiting beliefs about health

  1. Everyone else in my family is overweight.
  2. These are my genes, I cannot do anything.
  3. You cannot be fit when you get older.
  4. Losing weight is the biggest battle of my life.
  5. I don’t deserve to be healthy.
  6. My body heals slowly.
  7. Getting sick is unavoidable.
  8. You will day anyways.

Limiting beliefs about self-worth

  1. I don’t deserve a good life.
  2. I am not good enough.
  3. I am a failure.
  4. Things just don’t work out for me.
  5. I can’t make things happen.
  6. It’s all my parents’ fault.
  7. That’s just my luck!!
  8. Who am I to have everything I have ever wanted?


You can change anything that is in your mind

When you want to take control of your life, and you want to make changes that bring about freedom and abundance, you will need to use the concept of limiting beliefs exercise. You have to realize that you are in charge of your destiny and that no one else can do it for you. That means that you need to be the master of your own destiny and you need to be in charge of the way that you treat yourself, your feelings, and other people. If you are unable to do this by yourself, then it may be necessary for you to consult with a professional about your situation.

One of the most interesting things is that when you learn that you are in total control over the way that you feel, you can begin to trust that you can change anything that is in your mind. This is important because the more faith that you have in yourself, the more accepting you will be. And once you start believing that you can do anything, including changing limiting beliefs, then you will be able to get rid of the ones that are keeping you from enjoying all of the things that you deserve.